“My father spent all the family money”

The Economic Dividends of an Elite Baseball Player Major League They are almost always very tall. For the most part, when they hang up their spikes, their future is extremely secure, but there are hundreds of cases where players have squandered their fortunes and been forced into bankruptcy. Cuban guy Jose Canseco It was one of them and his daughter Josie Canseco He spoke in detail about the situation they went through.

Well-known former player of such teams as New York Yankees or Oakland Athletics He filed for bankruptcy in 2012, having earned nearly $40 million during his 17 years with the company. Major League Baseball.

The 26-year-old model and daughter of the player responded to some comments addressed to her on the social network Instagram, where they questioned her achievements and blamed it on her father’s money. “The family’s money was wasted when I was about 6 or 7 years old.”answered.

“Everyone says I come from all this rich money cause I’m a ‘canseco’, do your research”added model. Josie Canseco was the image on the catwalks El Secreto de Victoria And Moschino

“My ‘family money’ was wasted when I was 6/7 due to bankruptcy.. I had to work hard to not only keep my “last name” but also to pay the bills because no one was paying for this shit. Except me.”

Jose Canseco’s daughter spoke in detail about her debts

The model said in her speech that she has been in debt for a long time. He noted that he barely managed to earn $100 a week while living with other models in New York. “I was tired of being categorized when I was something completely different.”– said the ex-girlfriend Jake Paul.

“I am beyond grateful because I was certainly privileged to be born into a family that earned what it earned, but honestly, expectations are not what they seem.”he added.

Until the date Jose Canseco has not yet publicly responded to comments Josie.

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