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Dolph Lundgren, the translator for King Nereus in Aquaman 2, was somewhat disappointed when he saw the final result. The comedy was not well received due to numerous reshoots of the film.

Released in theaters on December 20, Aquaman 2 was a billion-dollar premiere release. In addition, the box office limit consists of 400 million tickets collected worldwide. At Hexagon, the film pulled in 1.8 million viewers, an accurate comparison to recent DC-stamped long-formers.

The Flash barely sold 800,000 tickets, Blue Beetle sold 580,000 and Shazam 2 sold 498,000 tickets. Directed by James Wan, Aquaman 2 is a DCEU (DC Extended Universe) adventure that began 10 years ago with Man of Steel before rebooting the franchise with James Gunn’s Superman’s Legacy.

Dolph Lundgren mecontent

I questioned the couple ComicDolph Lundgren capitalizes on his expertise, explaining that the film’s script contains many retouches to lessen the impact of the character’s son, King Nereus. “Je viens de thealiser que c’était une sorte de générale: ils ont voulu limiter of the role of Amber Heard, but most of all my son is waiting for me until my role is recast in Australia”– I explained to him.

He can’t limit Amber Heard’s role, but most of all I play before making my role this Australian.

At the moment, Aquaman 2 is a chaotic production process with several reshoots, which is also the reason for the controversy in the proceedings between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Decalé plusieurs fois, le movie est sorti after James Gunn’s announcements about the DCEU reboot, and he bought grass that was variegated.

“J’étais déçu for les fans de cinema en Realité”, Dolph Lundgren jumpsuit. “I thought the basic script was great, the editing was original, I don’t want to see the fight, it looks good! I don’t want to see a reason to return scenes and redo the story. did. évidemment conduit à la deception des fan et pas seulement la mienne”regret for the 66-year-old actor.


Implementer in version

If Dolph Lundgren confirms that the role of Mera (Amber Heard) is beautiful and beautiful, then the implementer James Wan confirms the opposite role in the last September in micro-d’Entertainment Weekly. “J’ai toujours dit que le Premier Aquaman, telling of the journey of Arthur and Mera and the 2nd conversation between Arthur and Orm. bromance, action and adventure.”

Le metteur en scène était également income from disputes in the columns of Empire magazine. “It’s normal that Amber Heard is here to tell you (what her role is available to you) when she doesn’t think about anything personally when she’s working on a film. implementers are preparing behind the scenes.”

My plan is a clear departure day.

“My best plan is clear after leaving, and today it is the same as in my tetta. After the debut, I suggest that Aquaman 1 will inspire me.”Green Diamond, an action-adventure romantic comedy; When the second comes I’ll be back as a buddy movie Tango and Cashavai-il I explained.

According to them, Amber Heard told fans after the release of Aquaman 2: “After all this time, Aquaman 2 becomes fait de éclaboussures (désolée, c’est trop facile). Thanks to all my fans for leur soutien indéfectible and le retour de Mera dans Aquaman. Merci beaucoup”– said at-elle on Instagram.

Taking Superman Legacy to theaters on July 9, 2025, DC is reviving its theatrical release with Joker: Folie à Deux on October 2, 2025.

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