Myasthenia gravis experts and patients meet at the first edition of MG Connect

Experts and patients suffering from myasthenia gravis from all over Spain met at the first MG Connect meeting, organized by the biopharmaceutical company UCB. This rare neuromuscular pathology affects 15 thousand people in our country, and 700 new diagnoses are detected annually. In that As part of World Myasthenia Day, celebrated on June 2, experts discussed advances in research and future challenges. To disseminate knowledge and update the approach to pathology, MG Connect held workshops, presentations and discussion tables where issues such as the current patient journey in the Spanish healthcare system, ways of improvement to facilitate the registration of new cases or the role of patient care were discussed. A meeting designed to unite the community of people suffering from myasthenia gravis. Myasthenia Gravis causes weakness in various parts of the body and can cause muscle fatigue, double vision, or difficulty speaking, swallowing, or chewing, so diagnosis is often difficult and late. Its low prevalence means that investment in research is reduced, limiting therapeutic options and affecting patients’ quality of life. The meeting was attended by representatives of various disciplines, such as neurologists and immunologists, representatives of hospital pharmacies or nurses, as well as members of public administration, with a significant role for patients.

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