Mystery over death of Brazilian bodybuilder who “lived an extremely healthy life”

Danilo de Campus was 31 years old and competed as a bodybuilder in 2022.

Personal trainer and fitness enthusiast Danilo de Campus, 31, died of a heart attack after suffering from stomach pains and being discharged after going to the hospital. The Brazilian native of Ponta Grossa competed in a bodybuilding competition in 2022, placing fifth among 15 competitors.

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Campus’s widow, Daniela Kuhn, said that her husband had no apparent health problems, maintained a six-times-a-week training routine and followed a diet designed by a nutritionist. Regardless of their version, preliminary diagnosis suggests that the stomach pain that Danilo suffered was related to a sudden acceleration of his heart rate before the heart attack.

Daniela recalled on social media how her partner and father of her son decided to compete in bodybuilding: “I was eager to experience firsthand how rewarding a sport I loved so much can be.” What was the competition like? He finished fifth among 15 athletes, walked away satisfied and decided not to compete again, as it required sacrifices to his health and that of his family to which he was unwilling to expose himself. . “He valued his family first and foremost.”

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