Natalie Portman: a coquette in the style of a debut actress for her nouveau son, transferred to Parisian soil

Mercredi, April 24, magazine Problems It turns out that Natalie Portman has the right to purchase an incredible property: a private hotel of more than 500 m² overlooking the Champs de Mars in the heart of Paris.

“A beautiful love story in cinema” in a beautiful sad life. In 2009, Natalie Portman’s grave under the spell Benjamin Millepiedchoreographer at the cult tournament black Swan who will win an Oscar as an actress. Avec le danseur et chorégraphe français, elle vit le grand amour et donne naissance à deux enfants, le petit Aleph en 2011 puis une Girl, Amalia en 2017. Entretemps, la Famille s’installe dans la Capitale Frenchaise, Benjamin Millepied’s machine – the name of the director from the Paris Opera Ballet. In early 2023, it’s the end of a dream: Natalie Portman discovers that Dream Marie is the unfaithful Montreuxan entertaining relationship with a young Frenchman.

Une trahison douloureuse for the actress star Wars and etc. V for VendettaQui tente néanmoins pendants de longs mois de sauver son mariage, in vain. Le 8 Mars dernier, your magazine Voice You learn that the couple has decided to divorce.

Palace plus 15 million euros

After a long rest Apartment dans Leur in Paris, Natalie Portman is the finale, deciding to change the air without having to do it because of the children living in the trail. Comme le révèle ce mercredi le Magazine ProblemsThe 42-year-old actress received an offer special hotel somptueux in Paris, overlooking the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel tour. 550 m², built in 1912, purchased in the summer 15.2 million euros. The program includes: a reception hall sous verrière au fourtrième and a ground floor, garden, gymnasium, staircase en fer forget and an elevator to serve the other three stages of entertainment.

Natalie Portman and her children do not have the last word on the size of their former home, nor on the confirmation of their prestige: Royal King Mohammed VI of Morocco and co-founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum, as well as Olivier Mitterrand, a native of the old President of the Republic. De quoi repartir du bon (mille)pied?

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