Natalie Portman had never watched Star Wars before the saga

Gerard Depardieu found himself at the center of a scandal after the events. Suite à la diffusion Complément d’enquête sur la star, opinions that were divided into the largest numbers that demand justice. The tribunes and counter-tribunes were published on the French actor, and they were signed by the stars of all boards. President of the Republic and Carole Bouquet, les avis different greatnesses. Son of a cat, comedian Kev Adams is part of his opinion on the matter.

Prenant la parole during the avant-garde premiere of the new film “House of Return 2”, the humorist said: “I think this is a confident great French actor. Sans aucun doute, d’ailleurs. Moi, “I adore a worker with someone, I look beautiful. Et évidemment, il n’a not eu de comportement déplace que ce soit verbourne or telsique sur le plato de Tournage.”

Kev Adams is currently promoting the new film “House of Retreat 2”, a saga in which Gérard Depardieu starred for him.

Kev ajoute: “I thought it was a lot of the images you see. Obviously, I completely agree with the justice, this is a criminal, aggressive. avec qui que ce soit, évidemment qu’il doit être puni pour ça, peu importa ce qu’il a fait ou ce qu’il a construit.”

L’humoriste conclut toutefois: “I can’t help me, I don’t know what it is. And I hope that this will be my friend for Louis and if it is not so, it is not so, it is that justice in the aura is decided autrement parce que ce sera Confidence in justification and merit. instantly, je lui souhaite le meilleur.”

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