Natalie Portman made a new decision for the interior of her car –

In Star Wars as the Black Swan in the passage for V for Vendetta and Two Seers for the King, Natalie Portman could never get past the limits.

One clip from The Drew Barrymore Show talks about how the metamorphosis turns into a line that is not a franchise, plus for the role.

Goodbye nude on screen

Invitation to the talk show “Dress” Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman This is a question about the limit, which does not give voting rights plus on the screen. “Uhuh… montrer mes seins? C’est vraiment trop prude ? “,” the 42-year-old actress responded, ” Je me dis toujours: “Je ne veux pas que mes enfants tombent sur des photos en ligne” ” A decision is made that is completely suitable for the animatrix.

From new cinematic horizons to explorers

After that I turned the page to nudes, Natalie Portman covering new horizons for cinematic careers: dramas, leger comedies, etc. Selon la maman de’Aleph (12 years old) and d’Amalia (6 years old), the role de ses reves is the embodiment of a character in a film for children, like Mrs. Doubtfire, which they adore.

Now the talented actress stars in the May-December drama based on Mary Kay Letourneau. She plays the role of an actress who has a scandalous affair with a 13-year-old boy who ends up with her husband and has a family background.

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