Nathanael Cano runs fans from his house

After Nathanael Cano will declare that he no longer wanted to take photos with his fans, the rapper causes controversy again, because now he even ran his fans out of his house and even threatened to call the authorities.

Through a leaked video, you can see the interpreter of ‘Brightness’ lashing out at some fans who showed up outside his home and claiming he was going to call the police if they didn’t leave his property.

Stop recording, we are going to send you to the police, to Chile, stop recording”expressed Cano with annoyance, who also reiterated that he would not take photos with his fans again: “I do not dedicate myself to taking photos”, he indicated.

This is how Nathanael Cano reacted:

As a result of the video, the opinions in social networks were divided, because some supported the actions of the artistWhile others he was singled out for his bad behaviorbecause they consider that he should be more grateful to his public.

“He should thank whoever listens to him and takes the time to watch it”, “he already feels from another world”, “I wish no one would go to his concerts”, “he has the right to his privacy”, “they should give him his space” Y “we all need some time off”are some comments that could be read on the internet.

This is the statement released by the singer

Recently, Nathanael Cano caused a stir among his fans, since he published a statement on Instagram to announce that he no longer wanted to be asked for photos, because he said they took away “the little free time” that he came to have.

This action generated a wave of criticism, as many people felt offended by the decision of the singer of ‘Corridos Tumbados’. However, Cano defended his position and said that the reason behind his denial of the photos is that people “use him as an object.”

“Sometimes they don’t even ask me how I am, or how I feel, and that’s when you say ‘wow, I’m an object’, do you understand me? These people are not interested in how I am or how I feel”, Nathanael noted in an Instagram video.

The singer defended his position

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