Navalny’s funeral: Tributes from across Europe

Hundreds of people in European cities gathered in front of Russian embassies and consulates on the day of Putin’s rival’s funeral, bringing flowers and candles to remember him.


Hundreds of people pay tribute to Russian rival Alexei Navalny in several European cities Buried in Moscow on Friday,

Thousands of people attended the funeral and Russian authorities arrested at least 56 people. they took from rome to belgrade Flowers and candles in front of Russian embassies or consulates,

Flowers and candles at Russian embassies and consulates in Europe

In ParisFlowers and candles were brought to the war memorial on Trocadero Square, which featured photos of the late Kremlin critic and slogans accusing Vladimir Putin.

In several other cities, temporary monuments have been set up near Russian embassies or consulates. in the capital of belgrade serbiaHundreds of people, who at times may appear pro-Kremlin, gathered near the fence Banners that read “Heroes never die”, After 2022, thousands of Russians moved to Serbia.

In Rome, there is a proposal to dedicate a street to him: Via Navalny.

Italian radicals in the capital have tried to change the name The street where the Russian Embassy is located, They pasted sheets of paper with the inscription “Navalny Street” on the traffic signs in front of the embassy.

Actually launched an initiative for change street name (Via Gaeta), but it was rejected by the city of Rome. However, officials are considering a different location Road dedicated to Navalny,


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