Navalny’s mother was shown her son’s body and death certificate

Russian opponent’s mother Alexey NavalnyLyudmila confirms that she has already seen her son’s body and has been shown his death certificate. Navalny’s team notes that the certificate indicates that died of natural causes,

In addition, Navalny’s mother has refused secret burial The Russians are preparing, he says. “They want this to be done in secret, without saying goodbye. They want to take me to the edge of the cemetery, to a fresh grave, and say: Here’s your son. I agree,” he said in a YouTube video. I am not.” Video.

Navalny’s mother said this They took him to the morgue on Wednesday night To see her body. “The investigators claim they know the cause of death, they have all the medical and legal documents ready, which I went over and signed the medical death certificate,” she says, dressed in black and speaking in a calm voice. .

“According to the law, they should have immediately handed over Alexei’s body to me, but they have not done so yet. Instead, they are blackmailing me, imposing conditions as to where, when and how they should bury Alexei . It is illegal.”

In this he further says, “I am recording this video because they have started threatening me. They say this by looking into my eyes.” If I don’t agree to a secret cremation they will do something with my son’s bodyHe quoted one of the investigators as saying: “Time is not on your side, corpses rot.” “I don’t want special circumstances,” he says. “I just want everything to be done according to the law. “I demand that my son’s body be returned to me immediately.”

Navalny, 47, Russia’s best-known opposition politician, died suddenly in an Arctic prison on Friday last week.

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