Neither Millie Bobby Brown nor Lily Collins: who is the actress with the most series on Netflix

Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service in the world and this generates a strong demand in relation to original productions. In many cases, the names of many actors are seen leading different casts. There is a woman who surpasses all and is the one with the most series on the bill right now.

In terms of series, some actresses like Millie Bobby Brown (stranger things) and Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) have three projects each, but still the winner in quantity is another person: Julia Garner. The 28-year-old American recently premiered Inventing Anna, aa miniseries where he plays anna deelveya woman who convinced New York’s elite that she was a German heiress and a great businesswoman, but she was just a very audacious con artist.

Inventing Anna (Netflix).
Inventing Anna (Netflix).

Garner achieved popularity with his role in the series Ozarks, which premiered in January the first part of its final season. In this series she gets into the skin of ruth langmorea 19-year-old girl with a long criminal record, but very smart for business and ends up in a money laundering system.

Thanks to this role, he won two Emmy Awards. Some details of his audition were recently revealed: “I wanted the role so much that I decided to do a Missouri accent at the audition”he told the publication Fashion Magazine. “But when I entered the room and started listening to the rest of the actors, I noticed that none of them were using an accent, but I still stuck to that decision because I had forgotten the lyrics”he explained.

Julia Garner in Inventing Anna (Photo: File)
Julia Garner in Inventing Anna (Photo: File)Netflix

Another of the roles in which he stood out was within the series maniccreated by Jonah Hill and starring Emma Stone. In addition, the actress was part of the first season of dirty johnthe thriller in which he plays Terra Newellyoungest daughter of Debra, who is the wife of John Meehan, a women’s con man who poses as an anesthesiologist.

Currently, Garner is in the competition to know if she will play Madonna in her next biopic. Next to her, other names that are being considered are those of Florence Pugh (midsummer) and alexa demie (euphoria).

Julia Garner in her role in the series Ozark (Photo: File)
Julia Garner in her role in the series Ozark (Photo: File)

In addition to singing and acting, the chosen one must submit to intense sessions with Madonna and her choreographer that can last up to 11 hours. Although not much is known about the script written by singer and playwright Erin Cressida Wilson, sources from The Hollywood Reporter they claim that it would culminate with the world tour Blond Ambition from 1990.

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