Netanyahu “categorically” rejects Hamas’ conditions for release of hostages

This Sunday, 107 days after the war that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is waging against Hamas in Gaza, another dramatic death toll took place, leaving 25,000 people dead – in addition to more than 62,000 injured – without any operation. benjamin netanyahu Despite increasing international pressure, it seems to be stopping.

Netanyahu “categorically” rejected the conditions imposed by Hamas for the release of the hostages, including a cessation of hostilities and a complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Strip. “I categorically reject the terms of surrender of the Hamas demons”He said in a video message released by his office, in an apparent response to information about a proposal for a new agreement brokered by Qatar and Egypt.

According to Netanyahu, in exchange for the release of all hostages, Hamas demands “an end to the war, the withdrawal of our forces from Gaza, the release of all murderers and rapists of the Nuhqaba (the elite forces of Hamas’ military wing).” ) and leave Hamas intact. The Prime Minister said, “If we accept this, the sacrifices of our warriors have gone in vain and we will not be able to guarantee the safety of our citizens.”

The IDF today celebrated eliminating “dozens of terrorists” and discovering “large quantities of weapons” in its recent operations in the Strip, while naval forces continue to support ground troops with strikes on terrorist targets.

In addition, the Israeli army announced the discovery of a large tunnel in the city of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, where it assured that several hostages were captured by Hamas, and released images of the underground network. Tel Aviv believes the terrorist organization has built more than 700 kilometers of tunnels with about 5,700 entrances. American intelligence sources estimate that Israel has already eliminated 20% to 30% of Hamas fighters.

While the Sunni Islamist organization once again launched rockets toward urban areas of Israel, its leader, Ismail Haniyeh -whose asylum is located in Qatar-, visited Turkey on Saturday to talk to the country’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan about the development of the war in Gaza, according to diplomatic sources told Turkish news portal T24. According to these sources, without giving further details, “During the meeting, the two discussed establishing a ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible, increasing the arrival of humanitarian aid, the release of hostages and a two-state solution for lasting peace.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli government yesterday approved the transfer of funds collected on behalf of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to a “third country, in this case Norway, which has been frozen since November due to the war.” will keep the pass – and with permission from Tel Aviv it will be transferred to the Strip, thereby ensuring that the corresponding part will not be sent to Gaza. The ANP, which is in the hands of Al Fatah and headed by Mahmoud Abbas, is the leader of the West Bank. ruled on certain parts, assured that it would not accept the amount payable under such terms.

In November, Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich blocked a portion of the money distributed monthly to the PA in taxes, which Israel collects on its own behalf, to prevent this money from going to Gaza to pay staff. The Palestinian Authority is still on its payroll.

The war, with its center in Gaza, continued for another day, opening on several of its fronts. The Lebanese border was particularly tense today following the launch of missiles by Hezbollah against northern Israel, a bombardment which, according to IDF sources, fell on open areas.

IDF response One person was killed and several were injured in a drone strike on a vehicle passing through the city of Kafra in southern Lebanon’s Nabatieh province, according to the official IDF agency. Lebanese security sources claim that the deceased are fighters of a pro-Iranian organization. Hezbollah claimed to have responded with another missile launch against Avivim, a town in northern Israel.

From Tehran, Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amir Abdallahian, said Iranian military advisers would continue their activities in the region following the death of five Revolutionary Guard commanders in Damascus, an attack the regime blamed on Israel. “The activity of Iran’s military advisers to fight terrorism and guarantee the security of the region will continue strongly,” he said. Tehran will avenge the deaths caused by an attack by local “proxy” forces on a US base in western Iraq.

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