Netanyahu rejects Hamas ceasefire proposal despite pressure on his management

According to the Israeli president, “only a complete victory will guarantee the elimination of Hamas and the return of all its hostages,” while following the Palestinian group’s suggestion would mean “fatal damage to Israel’s security.”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposal rejected Ceasefire presented by Hamas. According to Netanyahu, Hamas’s demands are completely unacceptable, as in practice they would mean a return to the pre-war situation. According to the Israeli President, “Only complete victory will guarantee removal ofHamas and the return of all his hostages“, while following the Palestinian group’s suggestion would mean “lethal damage”. israel security,

Earlier, Netanyahu had created disappointment among his American and European allies. decline Follow the solution clearly “two states“, in a possible post-war scenario. The Israeli Prime Minister also faces an escalating situation pressure in your countryThe families of the hostages are demanding that the government do more to bring those held captive in Gaza home, even if it means Truce or a stop fire With Hamas.

International diplomatic efforts to make an agreement between Israel and Hamas possible

Despite Netanyahu’s determination to move forward, foreign diplomats are not giving up efforts to broker some kind of agreement. agreement, According to an American media outlet, officials from the United States, Egypt and Qatar will begin efforts this week Talkswhich starts with “A release of hostagesand ultimately, will lead to a withdrawal of forces Israeli”.

Diplomats say any small opportunity should be taken advantage of since the war began Increase For the area. Netanyahu has declared that “anyone who tries to harm them, Israel it will hurt“, “In Gaza, in Lebanon, in Syria and everywhere else.”

On Sunday, a new Air raid Selective attack by Israeli troops on Lebanon took the life of one Hezbollah According to Lebanese sources, and several civilians present in the area were injured.

Earlier, a similar air attack had taken place in Syria, in which many people were killed. Revolutionary Guard, There was a strong reaction from Iran. Thus, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi declared that Tehran “will not leave without Answer Crimes of the Zionist regime.

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