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The catalog of Netflix is full of content from all genres, but several of its most impressive titles belong to the world of true crime: series, documentaries and movies inspired by true crimes. And among the successful original true crime titles that the platform launched, there is a miniseries that in a few hours managed to revolutionize the streaming service.

Is about “aka Grace“, the second adaptation to the small screen of the expansive work of Margaret Atwoodcreator of “The Handmaid’s Tale“. Both adaptations premiered in 2017, but while the production of Hulu took 4 seasons, the creation of Netflix managed to captivate audiences in just 6 episodes narrating one of the most controversial unsolved cases of the century.

What is “Alias ​​Grace” about, the unmissable Netflix miniseries

The miniseries has just 6 episodes of no more than an hour each.

About four years after emigrating to Canada since Ireland, Grace Marksaged 16, was hired as a domestic worker in the house of Thomas Kinnear. In 1843, Marks and his partner James McDermott were declared guilty of murdering Kinnear and his housekeeper (and alleged mistress), Nancy Montgomery. While McDermott was executed for the crime, Marks received a life sentence at Kingston Penitentiary, in Ontariowhere would you spend the next three decades.

For her book, Atwood focused on how public opinion responded to female criminals compared to male criminals. During Marks’ real-life trial, the public was divided about his case due to the fact that it was an attractive young woman who came from a tragic background. In the Netflix series, Grace’s story unfolds in a flashback, after 15 years in prison, during interviews with pre-psychiatrist Simon Jordan.

In murders involving a man and a woman, public opinion tends to go like this: everyone agrees with the man, but opinion is often divided about the womanAtwood told the BBC at the time of the premiere of the televised adaptation. “On the one hand: ‘she instigated everything. She is the female demon.’ The other side: ‘he is an innocent victimcoerced by force, circumstance and fear’“.

Grace Marks is played by Canadian actress Sarah Gadonwith Paul Gross Y Anna Pakin as Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery, respectively. Zachary Levi and the british Edward Holcroft (Charlie Hesketh in the Kingsman films) play Jeremiah the Pedlar and Dr. Simon Jordan, respectively, two fictional characters who appear in Atwood’s novel.

The Netflix miniseries was a hit and continues to surprise audiences.

Netflix viewers were also divided when watching the miniseries, since, as Atwood said and the series contends, no one knows for sure whether or not Grace Marks committed murder in that house. “There were so many different and conflicting stories about Grace Marks; no one ever knew if she had killed someone or not. There were four people in the house. Two of them were killed, the third was hanged, and she was the one left. And she never said“, the author told Indiewire.

If I had known the truth, I probably wouldn’t have written a book. And if she had known the truth and told Sarah [Polley]I probably wouldn’t have done this show. What is interesting is the way everyone projects their ideas on graceAtwood added. “The fact that he had multiple stories that he told to different audiences… well, that always affects the story you tell: who the audience is, doesn’t it?“.

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