Neuroscience: The Surprising Key That Boosts Your Daily Happiness (And 4 Ideas to Achieve It)

creativity today is one of the most valuable values ​​in companies. But it’s not easy to always be inside. creative mode. The pressure of performance does not play in favor of this mental quality, which, moreover, contributes to our happiness. Did you know that according to a survey Adobe creative people are 34% happier? In accordance with neuroscientist Sarah Tellerauthor Neuro, take care of yourselfcreativity This is the brain’s ability to create associations between concepts that seem far apart.” expand existing capabilitiesstop creating direct and repetitive associations (that have already arisen in the past) and create new, original and unpredictable ones.”

The Amazing Way to Increase Daily Happiness, Based on Neuroscience

the trend of our brain What repeat actions who have worked for us before. This is what we do when we work under stress. However, when we are relaxed, we stop thinking, choosing. He focused and divergent thinking. According to the expert, “the investigation conducted POT He looked at what percentage of creativity is genetic. Interestingly, it was discovered that Quantity creative people decreases with age“, explains the neuroscientist. That is, as we age, we lose creativity. Some experts believe that this happens because, by increasing our knowledge, we create fewer destructive associations. Hence encourage curiosity be so important as we get older.

4 Ways to Stimulate Creativity and Increase Happiness

According to the expert neuroscientist Sarah Tellerthere are many ways stimulate creativity.

  1. Practice gratitude. “Train your brain to move from one negative to positive attitude This helps to focus on new opportunities, on achievements, rather than on losses and what is missing,” he explains.
  2. Meditate. “It helps us calm the nervous systemto be more focused and relaxed, and to train the brain’s salience network. Open meditation helps us promote divergent thinking. Additionally, you can combine object-focused meditation (such as observing your breath) to increase awareness. convergent thinking“, explains the expert.
  3. Walk in nature. “Broadening the vision focused more peripheralwe tell the brain that we are not in Survival Modebut in a research way, ready discover new possibilities. Several studies have shown that nature helps to increase the number ideascreatively and feel more relaxed and in a better mood. This also helps us look at things from the outside“, says the neuroscientist.
  4. Ask us good questions. “The brain doesn’t like uncertainty at all. Unanswered question This is a very good way to creativity waking up alone in the end it gives seed into the brain so it can bear fruit,” explains Sarah Teller.

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