New Alfa Romeo Stelvio: what can we expect

In the next few years the Biscione range will see the arrival of a new Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The car will receive a second generation on a par with the Alfa Romeo Giulia D-segment sedan. It was the same Jean-Philippe Learned to confirm it even if at the moment the year in which these two cars will arrive has not yet been confirmed.

Here’s what we can expect from the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio that will arrive in the next few years

As for the new Alfa Romeo StelvioObviously, curiosity is growing as to what the second generation of what was the first SUV in the history of the Milanese carmaker will be like.

One thing seems certain at the moment and that is that when the car finally debuts its new generation it will become a fully electric car. This is because from 2027 onwards Alfa Romeo it will become a car manufacturer producing only zero-emission cars.

This therefore seems for the moment the only certainty as far as concerns are concerned the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The car will obviously rise on the new STLA Large platform which represents a sort of platform improvement Alfa Romeo Giorgio.

Aesthetically speaking, model, inevitably it will not be able to deviate too much from the new course of the Biscione. So the front will be very similar to that of Tonale, Brennero and of the other cars that in the meantime will have been presented by the Biscione.

New Alfa Romeo Stelvio
New Alfa Romeo Stelvio: here’s how the first SUV in the history of the Biscione could change when the second generation finally arrives

The top-of-the-range Quadrifoglio version should continue to exist, at least that’s what he hinted at the new number one of Alfa Romeo Jean-Philippe Imparato. What many are hoping for is that in the passenger compartment there is a marked improvement in technology, luxury and quality of materials in order to finally be able to live up to even the most fierce rivals. After all, the new CEO said it clearly, with the future Alfa Romeo cars nothing should be left to chance.

The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio will therefore lead the Alfa Romeo SUV range in the coming years, which will certainly welcome two other members: Tonale and Brennero. It is unclear if a larger SUV than Stelvio could arrive in the future. On this and other details concerning the future model, we will certainly have more news in the coming months and in particular after 1 March, the day in which the Stellantis group will unveil its plans for the future of its brands and in particular that for the relaunch of the car manufacturer of the Biscione.

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