New Chinese electric SUV for traveling with family and luggage

ANDl Bayd Sil Yu This is the third model Ocean Series Chinese brand to penetrate Europe, after Dolphin And Signal. This new one SUV It is available in two trim levels: Comfort, with battery 71.8 kWh (420 km of autonomy), and Design: 87 kWh and autonomy up to 500 km. in the combined cycle (WLTP).

This five-seater SUV measures Length 4785 mm, width 1890 mm and height 1668 mm.. The great advantage of this car is inner space. Thanks to its wheelbase 2765 mm, and the flat rear seat floor design offers plenty of passenger legroom as well as a quiet cabin.

Plenty of space

position Driving is quite good, as is visibility. The steering wheel is pleasant to the touch and the size is appropriate. Synthetic leather rear seats. quite convenient for passengers taller than 1.80 meters; There is more than enough knee room. The seats can be folded into two sections (60:40) to accommodate cargo volume. from 552 to 1440 liters.

He has different Quick access to driving modes and multimedia. It controls all car systems, including air conditioning, directly in the cabin. giant rotating screen. System Intelligent cockpit BYD is controlled via touch screen with electric rotation 12.8 or 15.6 incheswhile digital devices with LCD screen 12.3 inches displays a variety of information for the driver.

Its smart cabin with smart connectivity and infotainment system includes removed functions via the BYD app.

From 42,290 euros

The new BYD SEAL U will be available in Spain from second quarter of this year and its price starts from 42,290 euros From version Comfort (34 080 Euro with Plan Moves III with scrap metal included) and 45 790 From version Design.

There’s plenty of space in the storage compartment located between the front seats, with charging modules with sockets. USB-C and a 12 V outlet. And two large spaces that can be left. two phones for wireless charging.

He glass roof split in half provides greater brightness, and the sound system, signed Infinity It’s not bad at all.

Very safe battery

To highlight the Battery Blade from BYD, which does without nickel and cobalt, allowing it to set new levels in terms of safety, durability, stability and energy density. This car has two battery sizes 71.8 and 87 kW hour of lithium and ferrophosphate. These are much longer lasting batteries and also much more more safe in case of an accident, and also allows you to increase loading speed.

Equipped as standard On-board three-phase charger with a power of 11 kW. and is capable of providing ultra-fast charging speeds up to 140 kW authorities. This means that it only uses between 27 and 28 minutes in increasing the charge level of your Blade battery from 30% to 80%.

Power supply

He has a system V2L (vehicle to load) from the BYD SEAL U battery, which allows you to use the car as a portable power source for electrical appliances. The video that the brand showed us is impressive: we can directly click the battery and doesn’t light up.

Has a full manufacturer’s warranty. 6 years or 150,000 km, 8 years or 200,000 km cover for the blade battery if its performance drops below 70% battery capacity, as well as 8 years or 150,000 km. Warranty for standard electric motor.

Its agility is not its strong point, it weighs over two tons and has a somewhat soft suspension. It has four driving modes: Eco, Normal, Sport and Snow; the latter for very slippery terrain.

It is designed to be a comfortable car. This is not exactly a car with a rigid suspension, rather the opposite. But on winding routes it holds up, perhaps, with nose movements somewhat longer. His address It doesn’t convey much agility or direct response, especially in sections with lots of corners. But on the highways it shows its good road conditions.

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