New information has emerged after the murder of a Cuban mother in Camagüey

Last Tuesday, January 2, Diana Rosa Cervantes MejiasA 29-year-old Cuban mother living in Camagüey was the victim of a brutal beating that ended her life.

Independent magazine in search of clarifying facts before public opinion Cuban time From that Cuban area, spoke to the victim’s mother.

Henry Constantin, director of the aforementioned media, clarified that Cervantes Mejías’s murderer was his former partner, Carlos Alberto Gil, who was free on bail after attacking a colleague with a knife.

Capture from Facebook/La Hora de Cuba

“Cuban justice is inconsistent, and its clumsiness leads to these femicides and many other crimes time and again,” Henry said in an Instagram Reel detailing the incident.

Diana Rosa was murdered with a baseball bat in the Eden district of Camagüey, leaving the nine-year-old orphaned.

Cuba closed 2023 with 86 such acts, the highest number of annual femicides since independent organizations Yo Siete Creo en Cuba and Alas Tenosas began collecting data in 2019.

Diana Rosa’s This could be the first femicide of the year 2024Despite the fact that feminist forums have not reacted to this tragic incident.

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