New mourning for Queen Elizabeth: infinite sadness at Buckingham Palace

New mourning for Queen Elizabeth, who mourns another painful disappearance. The announcement of his death at Buckingham Palace.

Her Majesty at the end of year address (via Getty Images)

With 95 springs on its shoulders, the Queen Elizabeth he faces another clamorous mourning. In fact, he died at 96 Ivor Herbert, racehorse journalist and trainer, as well as a longtime friend of Her Majesty’s. The death occurred on January 5th, but the Times confirmed the news only yesterday. According to what was reported by the Daily Mail, Ivor was a regular visitor to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Besides, it was him the trainer of the horse who in 1957 won the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Thanks to Ivor, world cinema was able to have the screenplay for the film The Great St.Trinian’s Train Robbery released in 1966. The film is nothing more than the comic version of the assault on Glasgow-London postal train, which actually occurred three years earlier. For Queen Elizabeth this is the third bereavement in just over a month. Last December, His Majesty said goodbye for the last time Ann Fortune FitzRoy, Duchess of Grafton. Then it was the turn of Lady Farnham, who died at 90 after 44 years of service and finally also of Ivor Herbert.

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Queen Elizabeth, Ivor Herbert died: the tale in the United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth, the gesture that surprised everyone
Her Majesty in a shot on the social profile of the Royal Family (Official Royal Family Instagram)

The Sun reported that the last year certainly hasn’t been an easy one for Queen Elizabeth. In fact, as the British tabloid reports: “She lost her husband Philip and then the Duchess of Grafton and now Lady Farnham, two dear friends who have always supported her in her official duties “. The loss of Ivor Herbert is only the latest in a series of mourning, which feeds theannus horribilis of the English sovereign.

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Over the years Elizabeth has suffered numerous painful losses. The first of these was his female cousin Margaret Rhodes. The two had been united since childhood along with Balmoral during the Second World War. Despite the war, the two never separated. In 1981 Rhodes was widowed and so Elizabeth proposed to her to become the Queen Mother’s lady-in-waiting.

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So Margaret accepted and for eleven years she was the closest confidant of Elizabeth’s mother. Rhodes said goodbye to the Queen in 2016, a 91 years old. His death was announced by an official statement from Buckingham Palace and his funeral, there was also a very distraught Queen Elizabeth.

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