New pandemic? Why WHO warns of ‘Disease X’ more deadly than COVID-19

lTo World Health Organization (WHO) warned about the possible arrival of the so-called ‘diseasealthough unknown could cause 20 times more deaths than the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization itself defines the above as “serious international epidemic which may be caused pathogen currently unknown, may cause human disease“.

New pandemic? WHO warning

The topic is not about a new disease, but rather the term was used hypothetical (which they mention from 2018) for reference to pathogen It is not yet known what could have caused “an international epidemic in the future”. Same WHO sent a call inform on the efforts needed to prepare health systems for this challenge:

disease represents knowledge that a serious international epidemic may be caused by pathogen which is currently unknown, causes discomfort in people, which will result in 20 times more deaths than the recent one pandemicdescribed in detail WHO.

‘Disease X’ is more deadly than COVID-19

In the same spirit, specialists They ruled out the possibility of a new epidemic, at least in the near future. The term is used as metaphor promote awareness of the need for coordinated public health programs to reduce the likelihood of future epidemics become pandemic.

Last month April 2023 and after deciding end of global emergency due to Covid-19, WHO announced Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET) Initiative from its acronym in English), which aims to provide useful information and space for collaboration to governments and health authorities at all levels to strengthen their prevention, care and response mechanisms epidemics.

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