New photos of Tom Holland and Zendaya showing why they are the couple of the moment


Tom Holland and Zendaya became one of the most loved and spontaneous couples in Hollywood. Check out the photos that prove it!

Tom Holland and Zendaya
© GettyTom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland Y Zendaya they no longer hide their love and are happier and happier. The actors, who met in 2016 when they were both selected for Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), they have been dating since last year and are one of the couples of the moment. Despite the fact that at first they avoided the cameras and talked about their relationship, now they do it without any hesitation.

When they first appeared in the first movie in which Tom Holland gave life to spider-man, both demonstrated a chemistry that crossed the screen. So much so that fans immediately began to imagine a relationship between them. However, the truth is that the interpreters claimed to be just friends to the point of considering themselves brothers.

But, apparently, now that with No Way Home they would have finished their work as partners in Marvel They decided to give love a chance. That is why, from that moment Holland and Zendaya’s relationship became one of Hollywood’s favorites. Beyond the fact that the two confessed that they did not agree on how they should have admitted their courtship, they are still the most sought after by the paparazzi and, of course, the fans.

What’s more, they stopped hiding themselves and consolidate their bond with each outing they do. In fact, with how happy and in love they are seen every time they appear in public, they make it clear why they are the favorite couple of the moment. That same thing was in evidence with the last exit they made in which they are seen in the same tune. Look at the photo!

With a casual style, Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen during a walk. The actors were holding hands very calmly to the point that when they saw the cameras they smiled. Accompanied by their bodyguards, they both enjoyed a nice day in the city and their photos have already gone viral, making their fans very happy.

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