New power-up? Necaxa OFFERS footballer to “America” in exchange for Leo Suarez

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He American Club getting closer to returning to his activities on the playing field! And before the opening Closing of the tournament 2024students Andre Jardine have been the protagonists of various rumors, which claim that the days of some of them may be numbered in Koapa Nest.

Leonardo Suarez case

And precisely one of those that has attracted the most attention from locals and strangers is the case of Leonardo Suarez, a 27-year-old attacking midfielder who, after signing various charity deals with Eaglesunexpectedly lost the title in the era of the Brazilian coach, and it is now believed that his representative wants to invite him to another team in Liga MX it really allows him to add minutes and confidence on the field.

In this sense, it is expected that his next destination will be Aguascalientes, where he will represent none other than Rayos del Necaxa, an institution that is said to have already raised its hand for Israel Reyes and Salvador Reyes.

A player that Necaxa would give to America in exchange for the services of Leo Suarez.

Returning to the topic of Leo, it is necessary to note and emphasize that everything seems to indicate that My God ready to give in Brian Garnica to the Nest to “get his way.”

But who is Brian Garnica?

Other speculations that have started to gain weight in the world of Liga MX claim that America is not skeptical about this trade, since Garnica has become one of the most prominent players in the league. Seaplane flights And at 27 years old, he stands out in a team that also has plenty of talent.

As for his career in Mexican football, in our football Brian played for only three teams. Firstly, he made his debut with Rojinegros del Atlas on September 30, 2015.

Later, in the 2019 and 2020 cycles, he became one of the reinforcements of the Santos Laguna club, where, according to some sports experts, he eventually honed his skills and qualities.

After creating good links in Laguna RegionBrian returned to the team where he was born, in sports terms: Atlas Football Club, where he shone from 2021 to 2023.

He then caught the attention of Rayos del Necaxa, and although he has done an excellent job, the team is willing to use him as a bargaining chip to acquire Suarez’s services…

Meanwhile in the Nest…

But while this scenario is ultimately determined, America continues to train hard to best arrive at a new competition in which they have different goals: to defend with all their might the crown that allows them to be the monarchs of the league today. The Mexican will be one of the protagonists of 2024, taking on the title of best player in attack and defense and, of course, fighting for first place in the overall table.

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