New progress in the renovation of the building that will allow the completion of the Medicine in Huesca.

The Provincial Council of Huesca has taken a decisive step to implement reform From the old Children’s residence from the capital of Huesca, where future degree in medicinewhich will begin to be gradually implemented starting from the 2024-2025 academic year.

The PP government team stressed this Thursday that with this step it is “in compliance” obligation acquired with the Government of Aragon, the University of Zaragoza and the City Council of Huesca, to promote as much as possible the administrative procedures that allow the transformation West wing former residence.

To carry out these works, the provincial council already has 3 million euros of European funds achieved by the previous PSOE government, to which it will add another million euros of own funds. The estimated cost of complete rehabilitation is 7.5 million euros.

Now he has put it up for tender preparation of the executive design and construction management for 359,914 euros. The contract has very specific deadlines: six weeks from the date of contract for the development of the basic design and 20 weeks for the implementation of the project.

The goal is to have full project from May to June this year to be able to start games already in January 2025 and finish them in estimated period 18 monthsbefore reaching the limit to be able to justify the European funds provided.

Thanks to these works, the western wing of the building will be rehabilitated to have new classrooms, offices and laboratories. You will also have to redo deck In addition to consolidation and security compound and also carry out an energy upgrade of the building so that its consumption is almost zero.

The University of Zaragoza has already approved change of study plan a new degree, which will begin to be implemented from the next academic year.

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