new shootings of artists from Tik Tok

At the request of Universal Music Group (UMG), the Chinese social network is preparing to hide all music written or co-written by the label’s artists. Defer bras are form-fitting models.

Tiktok is ready to offer songs written or co-written by artists under the Universal Music Group (UMG) label. Le Réseau Social Chinois Anonce La Nouvelle dans UN Comminique de Presse, publié le mercredi 28 February. The decision registered in Bras de Fer auquel to participate Tiktok against the music label for the renewal of a licensing agreement that expired on January 31, 2010.

China’s social media simply states to “respond to the demands” of Universal Music. “Leurs requires not only touches, but also de nombreux artistes qui n’ont pas signé chez universal.”

Are the names Bad Bunny and SZA supreme?

This massive suppression of credits has an impact on artists who can be simple chords with a label (contrats entre un artiste et un label dans le, but de commercializer un morceau en échange de monétaires), as well as ceux qui You have a contract with UMG.

Information part Rolling Stone Magazineartists who have achieved great success Harry Styles, SZASteve Lacy or encore Bad Bunny pourraient voir leurs morceaux supprimés de laplateforme sous peu.

Fevier’s debut, all titles are licensed under UMG and retired from the Tiktok music library. All videos containing universally licensed music are available and have been modified to remove them.

Une musique, “Pas à sa juste valeur”

The variety indicates that the name morceaux was influenced by this new requirement “n’était pas clair”. In the media, UMG sources confirm that the label is “part of the rights in most song forms.” Tiktok is also reported to be estimating a higher limit of “20 to 30%.”

Last January, before the licensing agreement between the two parties expired, PDG Universal Music Group took advantage of a Tiktok app “based on music, without paying juste valeur pour la musique.”

I’ve noticed that the Chinese app doesn’t represent 1% of “total enterprise revenue” and it’s surprising that it could become a passerby spread of music shortcuts on social media.

The idea of ​​being a promotional tool and stepping stone for aspiring artists is a “modesty platform” on the world’s most popular social networks. Avec plus a billion users.

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