“New Trump”: Miley expected to participate in the World Economic Forum

Miley’s presentation at the World Economic Forum is scheduled for Wednesday the 17th at 11:45 am in Argentina. Reuters/Augustin Markarian/file photo

chairman xavier miley Will make his debut this Wednesday World Economic Forum, which will take place in Davos, Switzerland. The President received more than 60 requests for an audience – among heads of state and investors – and has many expectations for the “Lion” exhibition due to his dramatic features, his controversial statements and his radical reformism.

The AFP news agency believes the libertarian’s speech will set the agenda and “could revolutionize the event as the former US president did at the time.” Donald TrumpWith whom he was sometimes compared.”

Miley will travel with the Chancellor Diana MondinoGeneral Secretary of the Presidency, Kareena MileyChief of Staff, nicholas pause, Economy Minister, Louis Caputo, and ambassador-designate to the White House, gerardo worthin, according to Borge BrendeChairman of the Forum, there will be an edition that will take place “in the most complex geopolitical and economic context in several decades”.

The President of Colombia from Latin America will participate in this forum. gustavo petrowho surprised attendees last year with his call to “overcome capitalism”, and is Brazil’s environment minister and former presidential candidate, marina silvathat in the government Lula da Silva has expressed criticism of Petrobras’s plans for its offshore exploitation programs, which have made the oil company and Brazil one of the world’s oil giants. Peru’s Foreign Minister will also participate javier gonzalez-olecheaBut the President of Ecuador will not be able to attend. Daniel Noboa, which was scheduled, but had to be abandoned due to the offensive of drug groups and the wave of violence that ravaged the country.

The Prime Minister of China will also be in the game Li QiangThe highest-ranking official of an Asian power to attend the Forum since the President’s attendance in 2017 Xi Jinping, and the President of Spain, pedro sanchezFormer President’s European Associate Alberto Fernandez.

One of the economic axes listed on the agenda of the Forum is Employment creation and development in the new era. “Rising debt, the energy transition and changing economic geography create challenges for policymakers in finding a balance between growth, sustainability, inclusion and resilience. At the same time, smart applications of emerging technology contribute to global cooperation, and innovation in industrial and social policy offers opportunities for job creation, human capital development and a new era of good growth,” indicates the agenda of the Forum.

The posting on the network of a note from the Brazilian media examiner sheds light on the expectations around Miley

Some of the presentations that will be made on Wednesday, the day Miley debuts, are “Resilience: What it means and what to do about it”, on “the increasing frequency of shocks and disruptions that have occurred in recent years”. Will be focused. Loss of world production of more than $3.6 trillion. “Resilience has become a growing necessity for businesses and governments looking to find new growth paths and financial strategies in times of uncertainty.”

“The supply chain of the future” will also occur. This presentation will analyze “geopolitical tensions, automation and changing labor costs are triggering a deep reassessment of sourcing strategies, including investments in resourcing and offshoring strategies to mitigate risk.”

Another focus on Wednesday will be “a long-term strategy for climate, nature and energy.” “Putting a Price on Nature” is the exhibition to date that will highlight the fact that GDP has more than doubled over the past three decades, while natural capital has declined by approximately 40% over the same period.

“Given that more than half of the world’s GDP depends on nature and its services, what is needed to better link ecology to the economy and conservation to development outcomes? “Can the value of nature be determined as a measure of economic performance?”. This will be considered in Davos.

Environmental protests at the previous edition of the Davos Forum Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann RC23JE9LUFF2

This has seen Miley generate controversy considering her statements on climate change: the libertarian gave an interview in 2021 in which she expressed her skepticism about global warming and called for policies to address the problem. Accused of “socialism” and “cultural Marxism”.

“10 or 15 years ago it was argued that the planet was freezing, now they argue it is warming. come on dude! People who know how to do these simulations, The actions are exaggerated in certain parameters with the aim of inducing fear in time“, He mentioned.

Another statement from Miley in this regard was during the second presidential debate before the general election on October 22: “I don’t deny climate change, what I say is that there is a cycle of temperature in the history of the Earth. , that is, there is a cyclical behavior and this is the fifth point of the cycle where… Do you know what is the difference from the previous four? That before there was no human being and now there is human being.”

“Therefore, all policies that blame humans for climate change are false and the only goal of these policies is to raise money to finance lazy socialists who write second-rate papers (…),” he said.

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