New York Yankees SIGN Pitcher for 2024 MLB Game

Team New York Yankees continues its strong march toward the 2024 Major League Baseball season. The Big Apple franchise’s leadership is doing everything it can to get rid of the bad taste of the 2023 crop, and to do this, they executed a couple of relevant announcements during the day of January 10th.

Signing with the New York Yankees

Tully already has experience working with New York Yankees in the lower leagues. He made 19 starts in Triple A in 2023. He posted a 5.64 ERA in 91.0 innings of work. His strikeout rate was around 18.6% and his walk rate was 6.4%. He struck out 77 and left a 5-5 record.

In 2022 Tanner Tully He first attended Major League Baseball’s big show with the Cleveland Guardians. In three games, he posted a 6.00 earned run percentage. He walked only two opponents, walked six and allowed four hits (one of them a home run) in just 6.0 innings.

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