New York Yankees STRENGTHENED Infield for MLB 2024

After the Los Angeles Dodgers, the organization New York Yankees The one who made the most moves this off-season Major League Baseball. A few minutes ago, New York management acquired a new player since Free Agency.

We can say that New York Yankees which team will win next harvest Major League Baseball in the American League East Division. So much so that this winter they carried out the appropriate operations to create a sufficiently solvent wage fund.

New York Yankees strengthen their team with a new player

Through his social networks, the North American infielder published the news of his contract with Los del Broncs.

Kevin Smith was chosen Toronto Blue Jays during the 2017 MLB Draft. He was called up in the fourth round and finished 129th overall. In August 2021, he made his major league debut for the Canadian organization.

However, he only had tiles from one campaign. After that he joined the ranks Oakland Athletics where he remained involved in the last two seasons. Last November, he decided to become a free agent and try his luck in free agency. Accordingly, he received approval for New York Yankees and now he will return to his home state.

The 27-year-old has not performed well in three seasons Major League Baseball. Regardless, it is still a commitment and an opportunity for his new team and something he can accomplish during the upcoming spring training.

During his career in Major League Baseball, racked up 114 games, 306 at bats, with 53 hits where they could be added, 13 doubles, one triple and eight home runs. In addition, he stepped on the scoreboard 15 times and managed to drive home 11 more runs. During that time, he recorded one stolen base in as many attempts. He anchors the offensive line with a .173 batting average, .215 on-base percentage and .301 slugging percentage.

Kevin Smithwill come in how many years Major League Baseball sequentially. At the same time, he faces the challenge of proving to himself that he can establish himself as a worthy player for New York Yankees.

At this time, the details of the agreement between the New Yorkers and Kevin Smith.

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