news and initial list of mobile phones that will receive the update

If you want to know which Samsung Galaxy phones will be updated to One UI 6.1, here you will find all the details you need.

One UI 6.1: news and initial list of phones that will receive the update
The new One UI version 6.1 update is here and brings all the magic of Galaxy AI.

With the Galaxy S24 already at launch and all the media heading to San Jose, California for the first Unpacked 2024 event, it seems… Samsung is already eyeing weapons for the event and begins to reveal to us some details, starting with everything related to setting up One UI 6.1 thanks to artificial intelligence, this will attract a lot of attention.

Indeed, everyone wants AI in 2024, and Samsung will be no less, introducing Galaxy AI features that have been leaking for weeks even with news of questionable suitability, such as that many options could be paid for via subscription. bonus.

Be that as it may, here we come to the solution all information 9to5Google leaked at the last minute about setting up One UI 6.1 which Samsung has been testing since mid-December and it will apparently arrive just in time promote the launch of new flagship from a South Korean manufacturer.

Join us to know all about One UI 6.1?

These will be the main new features of One UI 6.1.

Since Samsung has never been good at keeping its secrets, the truth is that it has long all the improvements to your new setup based on Android 14 they began to be seen.

In fact, the first thing we know is that there will be a lot of AI as added value in Samsung firmware with all these basic options:

  • Real time translation.- As if you had a professional translator with you, the new Galaxy S24 will be able to help us with an endless number of foreign languages ​​live and directly.
  • AI keyboard.- One UI 6.1 will include a keyboard that will help us write better by automatically adapting the tone of conversation according to configurations, as well as integrating generative features that make writing easier.
  • Intelligent media editing.- there will be new image and video editors designed specifically for One UI 6.1, which will offer many advanced features thanks to artificial intelligence: it will be possible to move or delete objects, complete photos by filling in empty spaces, enhance photos and videos in an automated way or make a night zoom and astrophotography of the highest quality.
  • Adaptive display.- The new S24 will be able to automatically adapt its new flat screen to improve colors and response, always providing the best experience in any situation, learning from our tastes and the way we use our mobile phone.
  • Wallpapers created by AI.- apparently thanks to agreements between Google and Samsung, popular wallpaper with the Pixel 8 AI, they will also appear on the Galaxy S24, with no confirmation that they will be extended with One UI 6.1 to the rest of the Galaxy catalogue.

Besides, we know what’s coming new battery protection options with a limited maximum load, as well as general improvements to animations and styles that will make One UI 6.1 move at lightning speedsmoother than ever and with a very satisfying experience.

There will also be more customization options for the lock screen, with more clocks and integration into Samsung Themes, Good Lock and Galaxy Store so developers can publish your creations faster and in a simpler way.

All phones that will receive One UI 6.1

There will be more news, for sure, and this Hopefully Samsung managed to keep a few surprises in store. to spice up Unpacked. What the Seoul manufacturer could not or did not want to preserve is list of Galaxy devices that will receive the next big One UI updateand that’s what The source of information as popular as Tarun Chany has published a preliminary list that really does leave a good taste in the mouth.

And indeed, Samsung plans to update almost the entire Galaxy catalog what remains on the market:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy A54
  • Samsung Galaxy A34
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra

Some are missing, for example there are no tablets, but taking into account Samsung’s commitments It is logical to assume that all the mobile phones that receive One UI 6.0 will also be updated to One UI 6.1 later. perhaps with the exception of the Galaxy Note20 family who turns 4 years old in August.

Don’t go too far because In a few hours all the information will be here. about the Galaxy S24, which promises a lot and on which Samsung has very high hopes, so much so that they plan to significantly surpass the already successful Galaxy S23… Will they be able to convince us?

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