news, compatible mobiles, release date and all the details

Everything you need to know about Android 14, the big update to the operating system that will be available in 2023.

Android 14: news, compatible phones, release date and all the details
Android 14 will be the next big update to the operating system, available from summer 2023

After Android 13, it’s time to Android 14. The new big update to Google’s operating system is just around the corner, and little by little new information about it is being discovered.

Over the next few months, Google will reveal data about what’s new in Android 14and we will know its changes, the departure date of that version, and phones to be updated. For that reason, we want to collect all information about android 14 in one place.

What’s new in Android 14

Little by little, we have been getting to know the first details of Android 14 related to the news and changes that will arrive.

Although it is still early to talk about the exact news that will land on mobile phones with the update to Android 14, we know that one of the internal changes will be support for NTFS formatted memories.

On the other hand, Android 14 will improve navigation through the system through a renewed gesture to go “back” in menus and applications, more intuitive and with a prediction system that will identify where the user wants to go in every moment.

As more details emerge about the What’s new in Android 13we will update this article to keep you informed about the latest changes and the best features that will be available.

Mobile phones compatible with Android 14

Google Pixel 7 Pro Software

The Pixel 7 series smartphones will be among the first to update to Android 14.

As always, the Google Pixel smartphones they will be the first to receive Android 14. However, not all Google devices will be updated.

Taking into account Google’s support sheet, we know that the company plans to update phones released from the Pixel 4a.

The listed devices will be the first to Receive Android 14 Preview, and in being compatible with the Android beta program based on the new version. They will also receive the final version before the rest.

Subsequently, other manufacturers will announce their Android 14 deployment plans. Firms such as Samsung, realme, OPPO, OnePlus or Xiaomi they should be among the first to publicize their planning.

Android 14 release date: when will it be available for download?

If we take into account Google’s history with previous Android versions, it is most likely that between January and February the announcement of the first version for developers of Android 14.

From then on, Google will launch between three and four previous versions morebefore opening the android 14 beta program. This should happen before the month of May. In fact, there are clues that suggest that the first beta of Android 14 will arrive in April.

In the fifth month of the year, coinciding with the Google I/O 2023Google will take advantage of introduce to the world Android 14 officially together with its most important news. In addition, this moment will be used to launch a new beta of Android 14 and open the program to a larger number of people.

As the beta program progresses, we will get to summer. At that time, we should attend the presentation of the final version of Android 14whose arrival on the first devices is scheduled for august or september.

Android 14 name: what is the dessert chosen by Google this year?

Even before Android 13 was a reality, we already knew the sweet name that Google uses to refer to Android 14.

Given that, this year, the new version of Android corresponds to the letter “U” according to the alphabetical order used by the company, the name could not be other than “Upside Down Cake”.

Upside Down Cake

Upside Down Cake, the dessert name that Google uses to refer to Android 14.

After “tiramisu”, the name of the dessert chosen by Google to refer to Android 13, Google has decided to return to the cakes for the next big OS update.

The chosen name, “upside-down cake”, refers to a cake whose peculiarity is the fact that it is baked “upside down”, so that the topping remains at the bottom of the mold and is inverted once the preparation has finished.

Despite having chosen this name, it must be taken into account that the name of the new version of Android will be Android 14. Since the arrival of Android 10, Google only uses dessert names to refer to the different versions of Android internally.

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