Next Fratertalk: Learn to take care of your heart, preventing cardiovascular diseases

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death at work. This raises many questions, such as what are the most common heart attack risk signs that we tend to ignore, or how we know we are suffering from one, and the relationship between heart attack, stress and stress. emotional factors.

Do genetics, increased life expectancy, or gender make any difference when considering them as risk factors for cardiovascular disease? What Is there research and advances being made in early detection and treatment of these diseases?

And ultimately whatWhat can companies do to improve the cardiovascular health of their workers?

We will talk about all this with Andres Iniguez Romo, President of the Spanish Heart Foundation and JHead of the Cardiology Service at the University Hospital Complex Vigo. Be next January 26 at 10:00. in our thirty-sixth issue of fellowship, which will be entitled: “Learn to take care of your heart, prevent cardiovascular disease.”

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Save the date: January 26th at 10am.

The event will be held from the ZOOM application, you can connect from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. (Registration closes 30 minutes before the event starts).

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