Nicole Kidman becomes a guru in Nine Perfect Strangers

The TV series they never go on vacation. With the arrival in Italy of many paid streaming platforms, the catalogs are updated almost every day – even in August – with exciting news and great cult to be rediscovered. The Amazon Prime Video giant, for example, has chosen the Italian date of August 20 to share the episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers. This is a first viewing. The TV miniseries, announced in the US months ago, officially debuts in America on August 18 on the HULU network, where the first three episodes will be. The rest, however, arrive on a weekly basis.

Here in Italy the broadcasting rights have only been acquired by Amazon Prime and the 8 episodes produced are available every Friday starting from 20 August. We got to take a look at the highly anticipated TV series and, in light of the first six episodes, Nine Perfect Strangers has all the credentials to amaze the public. Inspired by Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name and created by David E. Kelley, the mastermind behind the success of Big Little Lies And The Undoing, the tv miniseries looks like a bold one psychological thriller where everything seems possible.

Nine Perfect Strangers, the plot of the TV series

It is a simple story but with great charm, capable of seducing the public in a few simple steps. Set in an upscale luxury resort called Tranquillum House, the title’s nine strangers find themselves under one roof for a lengthy psychoanalysis session. For ten days, lead by Masha, one mysterious guru of Russian origin, the characters are forced to face the fears and traumas that have marked their existence.

Masha is a calm and peaceful person who tries to put her guests at ease, making them understand the importance of life. The intention is to invigorate the mind, body and spirit, stirred up by a world that asks for more and more. The methods are unorthodox but functional for the journey. However, not all that glitters is gold. The luxury resort hides a terrible secret. A secret that could forever upset the lives of complete strangers. A secret that could even lift the veil on Masha’s past and find out what’s behind that ethereal face and that sweet smile.

From Nicole Kidman to Bobby Cannavale, an all star cast

The world of cinema meets – again – that of the small screen. It often happens that the Hollywood stars engage in different and very controversial roles for stories with great appeal but dedicated to the small screen. Nine Perfect Strangers it follows a trend in vogue in the world of American TV today, in which actors of a certain respect and even winners of Oscars animate events with a great deal of breath. Amazon Prime is just the latest example in order of appearance.

It is certainly the undisputed protagonist Nicole Kidman. In his third TV appearance after the success of Big Little Lies and The Undoing, here she plays a very charming guru. Beautiful but fatal in Nine Perfect Strangers she is Masha, a woman with a turbulent past who reinvented herself as a new-age psychologist. With her is Melissa McCarthy, forgotten for being the Sookie of A mother as a friend, is now a writer in deep creative crisis. There’s also Luke Evans, a British actor best known for The Alienist and Beauty and the Beast, who plays a cryptic divorce lawyer. And Bobby Cannavale, recently seen in Homecoming, is a former football star in conflict with himself. But there is also Regina Hall who lends her face to the character of Malvin, an anxious and single mom. Without forgetting the Marconi family, led by Asher (Michael Shannon) who together with their daughter try to work out a serious bereavement. Finally there is the pair of Jessica and Ben (the latter seen in Snowfall) who struggle not to wreck their relationship and put aside the disagreements.

A journey into the depths of the human soul

There is a lot to be said about the new acquisition of Amazon Prime Video. Without going into details to avoid too many spoilers, Nine Perfect Strangers is definitely a TV series to keep an eye on. He tells, with a decisive step and without frills, the fears and the insecurities that we all hide in the depths of our souls. Fears that, inevitably, sooner or later we are forced to face. And, like an intricate puzzle of ideas, the protagonists take the audience by the hand, plunging the viewer into a chaos made up of disagreements, discontent and broken dreams.

The sessions offered by Masha allow strangers to face and win theirs problems, but nothing is that simple. If they convince the stories of the individual characters, which are brutal and barbarously sincere, it strikes even more the figure of Masha. As a fascinating woman who has defeated her demons, she soon makes known her true intentions and makes it clear that her intentions are not noble at all.

It’s a TV series to watch because …

In a well-conceived mix of drama and thriller, the TV series (and in the light of the first six episodes) offers perfect entertainment for those looking for a sui generis but bold and brilliant product. It is certainly not something innovative for the panorama, but the series is tasty, intense, strong and with a thousand implications. It is worth seeing why there is a cast dizzying and in complete state of grace, and because the episodes flow easily.

The Nine Perfect Strangers in Australia during Covid

This was one of the many TV series that was shot in the second half of 2020, shortly after the end of the restrictions to contain the contagion from Covid. The episodes, however, were made in Australia which, unlike other countries, has very strict protocols to contain the pandemic. Once landed, all the actors and crew members were subjected to a 14-day quarantine in a hotel facility, as reported by current regulations. But that is not all. Before filming began, each of them was swabbed. Having filmed the episodes in the heart of Byron Bay, in a less frequented place, there have been no reports of cases of infections. The stunning South Wales seaside town is the backdrop to the whole story. It is not populous, but it is an oasis for surfers.

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