Nintendo Switch 2 announcement date, contents of the next Direct message and other details from a famous insider

In January we informed you about the first rumor this year regarding NintendoDirect. We recently received another rumor pointing to more information, another about its date, and now we have new details and statements on the matter.

The information is not confirmed, but it comes from the Nate the Hate podcast, which was correct similar reports in the past. In his latest article, published this afternoon, this information is offered about Nintendo Direct and more:

  • The presentation of Nintendo Switch 2 will most likely take place in Marchaccording to tipster Nate Haight and John Linneman of Digital Foundry.
  • The Game Developers Conference (GDC) will be held from March 18 to 22, and it is believed that the announcement may take place before this event.
  • The technical specifications of the Nintendo Switch 2, including the amount of RAM, have not yet been officially disclosed.
  • The possibility of installing 16 GB of RAM is being discussed, given the characteristics of the Steam Deck.
  • Nate Hatred and John Linneman believe that having more RAM will make it easier to run current-gen games, even with the expected visual cuts.
  • It is mentioned that Nintendo could be more generous with the amount of RAM to make life easier for developers, compared to some of the limitations of the Xbox Series S.
  • In addition, it is proposed that The next Nintendo Direct could be a partner exhibition focused on third-party games while Nintendo saved its own games for the Nintendo Switch 2 announcement.

What do you think about this information? Are you looking forward to the Nintendo Direct? You can share it in the comments. Read your opinion in the comments!


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