Nissan Ariya shows off its sporty side twice

Nismo signs two of the most radical versions of this electric SUV: one with 367 hp. and another improved one with a power of 435 hp.

The Nissan Ariya Nismo has a sportier image.

Tokyo Motor Show and local manufacturers revealed their main new products. In the case of Nissan, the company presented sports versions of its electric car. Aria, which, as usual in a Japanese company, are signed Nismo.

What’s striking is that, unlike what is common with its models, the zero-emission SUV will not have just one variant of this cut, but will be offered in two power levels, expanding the SUV’s already wide mechanical offering. especially.

Access one is called Nissan Aria Nismo B6 e-4ORCE. It uses a twin motor system and all-wheel drive with a power 367 hp (270 kW) and maximum torque 560 Nm. The battery used is one of 66 kWh capacity.

The Supreme is Nissan Aria Nismo B9 e-4ORCE, which uses the same dual-motor 4×4 configuration but increases power to 435 hp (320 kW) and torque up to 600 Nm. Additionally, it mounts a larger stack, 91 kWh. That’s why it has a higher weight, ranging from 2,210 to 2,220 kilograms, depending on the specification, while the smaller variant remains at just 2,080 kilograms.

Nissan hasn’t revealed performance or autonomy data for either version. If you have announced that buyers can add sound for a propulsion system inspired by the one that was made Single seater Formula E cars.

Nissan Aria Nismo

Visually, it is similar to what can be seen in other models signed Nismo. specific bumpers and skirts, and they have a red accent that makes them stand out and which is also present in the mirror housings. It also has new 20-inch wheels.

The interior also receives distinctive elements, the most notable of which are the sports seats and red accents and stitching.

The Japanese company said that first of all the Nissan Ariya Nismo. It will only be sold in the Japanese market.

Nissan Aria Nismo

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