No one is ready to discover this when you arrive in Spain.

American TikTok user Danielle Grobman (@daniellegrobman) warned her compatriots about what could cause “an unusual culture shock that no one prepares you for” if you ever go to Spain. With some confusion and surprise, he spoke about recycling and classification of containers by color.

“In the US, I only had to do two things with garbage: plastic and glass in a blue container and then everything else, including the cardboard, in regular black,” he explained in the video, which has already received more than 26,300 views and 1,500 likes.

“You’re all high, there’s no other word for it.”, – said the user. He doesn’t realize that there are so many containers for different recycling purposes (cardboard and paper for blue, glass for green…). He asked for a manual to be created and also wondered who was spending the time on all this. sorting is additional, before it was just “drop it and go.”

Also, he doesn’t want to use the Internet to search for container classifications, so he asked his followers to explain it to him. This was true, but the Spaniards monopolized the comments to make it clear that “It says here what each of them is for”.

“I recycle everything, it costs nothing, I don’t understand people who don’t do this“, said another user. They also warned that they could not imagine the user in other European countries or in Japan, where “there are up to 24 types of recycling.”

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