No spam and other news announced by Google

Yesterday there was a big event, broadcast around the world, highlighting Google’s new bets for the future. Obviously, Gemini was in the center, as were some characteristics that soon They will reach emails, search engines and phone calls.. These are the most important announcements.

Artificial intelligence will become the axis

At the heart of all of Google’s superpowers, Google says, will be Gemini Nano, a language model that takes advantage of Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) and is now in its sixth generation.

This technology allows Google’s artificial intelligence to understand and respond to many different types of input: text, images, audio, and even video. For example, several speakers on stage demonstrated their interactions with Gemini through a variety of means, from uploading a PDF to Circle, searching, video, and talking on the phone. The AI ​​was able to understand and process everything. Google says this is the core of the new “Age of Gemini.”

Circle to find everyone

The technology debuted in February at a Samsung event and allowed you to trace something on the screen with your finger, and Google would display an explanatory caption. It was only available on select Samsung and Pixel phones, but the technology is now part of Android. But that is not all.

Circle to Search is also becoming more context-aware and will be able to help with homework, especially solving equations. You can circle a complex math problem and Google will tell you what steps you need to take to solve it. It can also instantly decompose complex chemical formulas. Later in the year you will be able to help with more complex equations and formulas. Or summarize the news in easy-to-understand paragraphs. Google said AI reviews will be available across most of its products, including Search, Gmail and Google Docs.

Card with your name

Google search is changing forever (which doesn’t mean it’s for the better; we’ll see that over time). The changes will affect the United States first and later this year the rest of the world. Search will work with Gemini. This means we can forget about scrolling through lists of blue links because everything will be personalized. AI Reviews provide concise summaries of search results and allow you to access email, calendar and maps to provide relevant details… In exchange for additional data from us.

And for those moments when words can’t express what we’re looking for, Google Search now lets you record video directly from the search bar on your mobile phone. Search may offer results based on what we have recorded.

Gemini’s dual personality

The new Gemini will offer dynamic, personalized responses and will be able to understand the context and nuances of a conversation. In short, it will be more advanced. Included in these improvements is the ability to personalize it with pieces of information called “Gems,” which means you can give Gemini any kind of personal information and it will remember those “Gems” in its responses. This means, on the one hand, that we will give more personal information to our devices (read Google), and on the other, that integration with other types of equipment other than the smartphone (for example, smart speakers, TVs, etc.) will still be old .

Bye bye spam?

Google introduced smart call detection tools a couple of years ago, and today it introduced a new way to combat fraud. Android will use the intelligence of the Gemini Nano device to listen to calls in real time, analyzing conversation patterns for red flags typically associated with fraudulent callers. It will notify you with a warning message the moment it detects fraudulent activity, and you can end the call with a single touch of an on-screen button.

Because it is powered by the artificial intelligence of the Gemini Nano device, it does not require the cloud. This means it can help you even if you don’t have a data connection and your calls remain private.

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