Noboa confirms what are the eleven popular consultation questions sent to the Constitutional Court in Ecuador

The President of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, in an archive photo (EFE/José Jacome)

President of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, This Wednesday confirmed the popular consultation with which it seeks to provide security, justice and employment to the country eleven questions, Which have been sent for analysis by the Constitutional Court.

In a recorded message, Noboa indicated that “today is a very important day” as he made his offer to call Referendum “And create a new Ecuador, a country where violence and impunity are combated and jobs are created.”

He explained that the consultation has “three clear objectives” and noted the first intervention of the armed forces in the fight against crime.

“We are tired of the fact that there is more protection for criminals than law enforcement, we must protect all those who fight these mafias, therefore, this consultation calls for the support of the justice system so that organized crime The culprits can get long and high sentences and they comply with them,” he said, referring to the second objective.

While referring to the third one he remarked that the purpose of consultation is also “Promoting employment “Through new hiring and new economic activity.”

Noboa assured that “it is possible to deal with crime, have a justice system that responds with harsher and harsher penalties and, above all, create new jobs for Ecuador.”

Last year an eight-question referendum focused mainly on security issues (AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa)

The questions the Executive has referred to the Constitutional Court for analysis are:

1. Do you agree that in accordance with the appendix to question 1, the armed forces initiate actions to prevent and eliminate the activity of transnational criminal organizations operating inside and outside the national territory?

2. Do you agree that the armed forces permanently control weapons, ammunition, explosives and accessories on authorized routes, paths, roads and corridors for entry into social rehabilitation centres?

3. Do you agree that members of the armed forces, the National Police and the Penitentiary Security and Surveillance Corps should not be deprived of their liberty, or ordered to be placed under house arrest, while their actions are investigated or Are criminal proceedings going on? of force executed with the use of force, according to the appendix to Question 3 Reforms to the Comprehensive Biological Criminal Code?

4. Do you agree with increasing the penalties for these crimes: terrorism and its financing, illicit production and trafficking of controlled substances, organized crime, murder, contract killing, human trafficking, kidnapping for ransom, arms trafficking, money laundering and illegal mining resources activity, reforming the Comprehensive Biological Criminal Code in accordance with the appendix to Question 4?

5. Do you agree that persons deprived of liberty serve their entire sentence within a social rehabilitation center for the crimes described in the annex to Question 5 The Comprehensive Biological Penal Code has been reformed, as stated in the above annex ?

6. Do you agree with reforming the Code, criminalizing the possession or carrying of weapons, ammunition or components for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces or the National Police, without affecting firearms permitted for civilian use? Appendix to Question 6 According to the Comprehensive Criminal Organic?

7. Do you agree that weapons, their special parts or fragments, ammunition or accessories, which were instruments or material objects of a crime, shall be immediately returned to the national police or armed forces in accordance with the Comprehensive Biological Penal Code? Can be assigned for use? Addendum to Question 7?

8. Do you agree that judicial branch servants should be evaluated, including an audit of their asset declarations, in accordance with the appendix to Question 8?

9. Do you agree that, according to the appendix to question 9, the State becomes the holder (owner) of property of illegal or improper origin, simplifying the organic law procedure of property confiscation?

10.Do you agree that, in accordance with the appendix to question 10, the procedures for non-entry, deportation and expulsion of foreigners should be reformed in order to control migration and strengthen state security?

Eleven.Do you agree that casinos, game rooms, betting houses or businesses dedicated to gambling are allowed to operate under the conditions detailed in the contract of Question 11?

(with information from EFE)

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