Not only memory loss and mood swings, this too would be an unsuspected symptom of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s

We know how health is at the center of the life of many of us. In fact, many are particularly keen to protect their bodies from any type of threat. In this case, of course, there are problems and diseases that worry more than others. In particular, we cannot in any way discard those relating to the brain area from the list.

Specifically, Alzheimer’s is undoubtedly one of the most feared. This pathology, lately more known and studied, in fact, is certainly a sword of Damocles for several people who are trying to understand how to best deal with it and, above all, how to prevent it.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s, here are what messages our body could send us to make us understand that something is not going as it should

Alzheimer’s is, as previously pointed out, a disease that has been catching on in recent years as far as research is concerned. The studies, which are progressing quickly and clearly, are fortunately very focused on the topic, to understand its prevention and treatment and also the different signals that we could perceive.

In this case, the Veronesi Foundation, in fact, draws up a list of some possible symptoms that we could encounter if we were faced with Alzheimer’s disease. Among other things, we had already talked about some in the past. For example, in our previous article, we indicated one that is often completely ignored but which could help us understand what situation we are in. Today we indicate another which involves the matter of calculations and abstract reasoning.

Not only memory loss and mood swings, this too would be an unsuspected symptom of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s

Therefore, as we have just highlighted, there are several signs that could indicate the onset of cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s. In some cases, we may be able to recognize them more easily. There are, in fact, some symptoms that are certainly known to most people, such as memory loss, for example. There are others, however, that we do not always take into consideration and that are not linked to the disease we are dealing with.

The experts of the Veronesi Foundation point to a rather unusual one, which however is put on the list of probable signals. It is the inability of the Alzheimer’s patient to perform abstract calculations and reasoning. In fact, it seems that those suffering from this disease are unable to perform simple calculations that should be within everyone’s reach. Obviously, if we are talking about a person who has always done this in the course of his life and who has never had problems of this type, we could take it into consideration. Since not only memory loss and mood swings are among the possible symptoms, what we should do is contact our doctor in order to have more concrete answers.


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