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Watch the foray through the halls of the horror film “Jennifer’s Body” with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried aura-t-il une suite 15 years ago?

In 2009, Megan Fox introduced her features to Jennifer in Karyn Kusama’s horror film Jennifer’s Body.

A comedic and embodied schoolgirl who does not resist the garçon. But in reality, this derniera is possessed by a merciless demon. Mangeuse d’men, she transforms from peu à peu into a pale creature, evil and meurtrière Needy, sa reserved amie d’enfance, will desperately try to protect the young people of the city, starting with her little friends Chip… Megan Fox, famous for the saga Transformers, and give an answer (and a passionate basis) to Amanda Seyfried, as well as Adam Brody and Johnny Simmons.

The Diablo Cody screenwriter, who spoke to Oscar du Meyler about Jason Reitman’s original Juno screenplay, Jennifer’s Body, reported no unfinished success. With a budget of 16 million, the sexy film grossed $31 million at the international box office and attracted 320,961 spectators in French theaters.

I noticed 2.7 stars on 5 sites that have gained some popularity among viewers. Although luxury is currently available.

Lux 15 years later

On a special website for visitors fucking disgusting To promote the film Lisa Frankenstein, which was written, screenwriter Diablo Cody makes money from its success. Jennifer’s body etc., possibly luxury.

20th century Fox

Jennifer’s body

I want my memorabilia to be sought after by the public, and that’s what the film was like. This is real criticism and commerce. To be honest with you, I felt humiliated. The outing in this film is a difficult experience. C’était dur for moi, c’était dur pour Megan Fox…

Je suis felt humiliated

And then the conversation began, gens ont soudain, as if it were a good film that I thought about every day.” déclare-t-elle avant de poursuivre: “Je veux faire une suite. Je n’en ai pas fini avec with Jennifer’s body. J’ai juste kiss m’associer avec des gens qui y croient autant que moi et ce n’est pas encore arrivé. J’ai kiss quelqu’un qui y croit et qui billion dollars“.

Warning: the suite contains spoilers for the ending of Jennifer’s Body.

Most of all, the screenwriter plays as an encore, and this is more of a suite script with a long meter. If even the details of the story come out during the encore, there may be a problem: you need your Jennifer at the end of the film. Il faudra Donc Explain the comment “The demonic heroine who can survive.” The long meter became a center for those in need, which became the head of a mental hospital at the end of the 2009 film…

As an expert’s assistant a plus, Lisa Frankenstein Written by Diablo Cody and fellow scene members Zelda Williams (Robin Williams’ girlfriend) sortira prochainement. The terrifying film, directed by Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse and Carla Gugino, was released in 1989. Elle l’aide à s’adapter à la vie Moderne et à en faire l’homme de ses reves.

Banda announcement of Lisa Frankenstein

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