Now it’s official: one of the highest-rated Xbox exclusives will be coming to PS5 within a month

Bethesda has confirmed this. HiFi RushTango Gameworks game coming to PlayStation 5. This is one of the Xbox games for other consoles that were announced a few hours ago. Grounded And Pentiment on Nintendo Switch – which has been the most rumored, and although in this case it seems that the announcement was leaked ahead of time, the official source is a trailer on YouTube -.

Chai and his team will be coming to Sony’s console on March 18th in a version that will include the functionality of the DualSense controller and all in-game content. which arrived on Xbox Series, PC and Xbox Game Pass a year ago, including Arcade challenge and two additional modes, On an ongoing basis And Storming the tower. Pre-orders open on the PS Store tomorrow, February 22nd. There will also be Hi-Fi Rush Digital Deluxe Edition with the game, new cosmetics and in-game currency to improve your moves.

What we will tell you about HiFi Rush?

If you want to know more about HiFi Rush We recommend that you take a look at the analysis we devoted to this in Vandalwhere we describe it as “a reminder of what made so many of us fall in love with it hobby. A stylish adventure that offers us pure and simple entertainment without any complications. A game that, after all, only requires us to take control to have a great time, without any external elements or fashion trends that interfere with its main goal: to have fun. “Pure video game.”

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