Now that her comedy True Crime, some are wondering if Selena Gomez is pregnant


Few major stars have been as famous for the majority of their lives as Selena Gomez, but she has handled her stardom with grace and poise. Now that she’s playing the millennial caught between Steven Martin and Martin Sheen in Only Murders in the Building, she’s reaching a whole new audience. The show just returned for its second season, and while fans were thrilled to have it back, some also wondered if Selena was hiding a pregnancy.

Is Selena Gomez pregnant?

Unless she’s really keeping it a secret, Selena Gomez isn’t actually pregnant. She hasn’t announced the news on social media, and the rumor appears to have been sparked by her wardrobe choices in Only Murders in the Building season 2. Selena wears a lot of baggy hoodies and sweatshirts during the first episode of the season, leading some to assume that she was covering a baby bump.

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While some thought her clothing and lockdown might suggest she was pregnant, she hasn’t made any announcements to verify that, and it’s likely been several months since these scenes were filmed, which would mean that if she were pregnant, audiences would probably I would know. Therefore, it seems pretty safe to say that Selena is not pregnant, even though some may have thought that she was.

This is not the first time that speculation about Selena has surfaced.

The Only Murders in the Building season 2 rumors are just the latest that Selena has had to deal with, as she’s dealt with pregnancy rumors before. In fact, the last time she dealt with pregnancy speculation was almost exactly a year ago, when some of her TikTok videos of hers made fans suspect that she might be pregnant. The video in question featured her in a hoodie dancing to “Baila Conmigo” and immediately sparked rumors.

Of course, if Selena had actually been pregnant a year ago, she would have a baby now. Just like the current set of rumours, those rumors are largely unfounded. While there may be a large segment of the public that wants Selena to have a child, it is likely that she will come to motherhood in her own time and in her own way if she chooses to go down that path.

Was Selena Gomez pregnant when she filmed the second season of “Only Murders in the Building”? Blocking and dressing give me the impression that she was.

— princewonder (@princewonder) June 29, 2022 Selena did not mention the children when she talked about her goals for the future.

In an interview with Dazed in 2020, Selena opened up about where she sees herself at 37, and her response didn’t include any suggestion that she’s looking forward to being a mom.

“Hopefully I’ll be doing more of my philanthropy, while maintaining a healthy balance of the things I enjoy now. I think it will also be a surprise. But I hope to be super happy and create good things for the world,” Selena said.

Motherhood may still be on the cards, but it seems Selena is focused on other things for now. Pregnancy speculation may come and go, but Selena is focused on philanthropy and her job for now.


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