NVIDIA’s latest app is a must-have and will help many gamers, even games will look better thanks to artificial intelligence – PC

You can now download the beta version of the NVIDIA app, which combines the features of GeForce Experience and NVIDIA Control Panel into one program.

PC gamers have a reason to smile, especially those with an RTX graphics card from NVIDIA. latest app has helped many players in many aspects as they centralized variety of functions and options in one program, and all this is based on the use of artificial intelligence, which will improve the appearance of games, in particular, making them more vibrant and colorful. We’ll tell you everything in the next publication.

As first reported by our colleagues at 3DJuegosPC, today NVIDIA announced a public version on its website new application companies. This is a new program that modernizes and combines the features of NVIDIA Control Panel, GeForce Experience and RTX Experience.. All this in one. This is something that many will appreciate as previously some players would log into the two apps separately to adjust certain settings, but this will no longer be the case.

You can now download this app from the official website, although it is important to note that currently This is beta, so all the features will be coming soon and you may encounter some technical bugs. But this is something you need to become familiar with because it present and future all PC gamers who have an NVIDIA GPU and typically use some of its features.

Regarding games and improvements: “The NVIDIA app allows configure game settings and controller from one place, when entering redesigned in-game overlay for easy access to powerful tools.” They relate to recording, performance overdubbing and enhancement filters game, which we will talk about next.

Two new NVIDIA filters using artificial intelligence

RTX Dynamic Vibrance and RTX HDR are two filters to enhance your gaming experience

NVIDIA announced that Freestyle allows us to customize the look of our games through a series of filters that they use AI currently. Compatible with over 1,200 games using Tensor Core RTX graphics. One of them is RTX Dynamic Brightnesswhich “improves visual clarity depending on each application” which helps ” colors look better on screenperfectly balanced to minimize color distortion while maintaining image quality and immersion.”

The second filter is called PTX HDRbased on artificial intelligence, helps games achieve high dynamic range (HDR)-like looks. Do you need a monitor with this functionality, and it is an interesting solution for all those video games that do not implement HDR natively. Thus, all users who have a monitor with this technology will be able to play many video games with brighter colors, better lighting and higher image quality.

What’s more, we’re now allowed to “view or change optimizations when setting up controller settings,” and we’ll be able to customize them by app or use a common profile across all games. It should be mentioned that the game overlay has been redesigned. With “Alt+Z” you can quickly access recording toolsfilters and statistics performance overlay (Alt + P). All this can be used while you play your favorite games.

It has also been done to make it easier to use NVIDIA applications that you can use that many are not aware of, such as NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Broadcast, Omniverse, Canvas, ICAT and Frame View. In the future, additional features will be added to this new NVIDIA program that will be accessible from the Control Panel, and in the coming weeks these will include ” GPU acceleration and driver rollback.”

It is important to clarify that while beta testing is ongoing, GeForce Experience and NVIDIA Control Panel will still be available. “AV1 support for Shadowplay” will be offered later. additional DLSS controlsadditional acceleration options and much more. Last but not least, you can now download graphics drivers without logging in, and those who do will receive certain awards in GeForce Now or in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone.

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