O2’s solution will put an end to slow Wi-Fi forever

Fine Wi-Fi coverage Many people need it at home. Be it work, watching movies or TV series, or playing online on your consoles. The usage doesn’t matter, as long as it arrives well and we have the speed we were contracted for. However, it does not always reach all corners of the house equally. What’s the solution? O2 offers its customers two types of Wi-Fi network extenders so they can provide this connection in every part of their home.

O2 Wi-Fi Amplifiers

Currently in O2 we find two types Wi-Fi amplifiers according to the needs of each user and according to each person’s home. Therefore, we will look at the characteristics of both devices and, above all, what price the operator’s customers will have to pay to get these devices. This way, you can say goodbye to slow Wi-Fi forever.

Wi-Fi amplifier

The first option that we find in the catalog of amplifiers for Wi-Fi network O2 This particular device is also available to Movistar customers. Basically, because it is Telefonica’s first brand. However, it is also offered for budget operators.

We are considering a device with dual-band Wi-Fi AC and signal Wi-Fi 5 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Additionally, it has a Gigabit Ethernet port for LAN. And we will not need the help of any specialist, we can install it ourselves once we get it at home. Inside the box we will find everything we need: cables for installation and a guide. Have price 60 euros (including VAT), you will also have to add 7.30 euros for delivery.

Wi-Fi Booster Solution for Wi-Fi O2 Problems

Smart Wi-Fi 6 Booster

In this case, we will use a slightly newer device. Moreover, because in its specifications we see that the Smart WiFi 6 amplifier comes with Wi-Fi 6 standard. In addition, it includes twelve internal antennas for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, compatible with the 11b/g/n/a/ac and 11ax standards. However, to use this device we will need O2 HGU Router.

Like the previous amplifier, we can install this device ourselves. In addition, it has automatic self-configuration on all devices. And keep in mind that we will only have one network name for the entire house. This device has two Ethernet ports, one of which is Maximum speed. In fact, this model provides 30% more coverage. Among other details of the Smart WiFi amplifier, we find that it offers secure encryption. WPA2 and WPA3.

Additionally, this model includes Wi-Fi band roaming features, works as a Wi-Fi repeater and as a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing dual functionality. While it is possible to install it yourself, we may pay a little more to have a technician come out. Hence price with installation 179 euros. (shipping cost included) and if we install it for us it will cost us 129 euros + 7.30 euros delivery cost. (VAT INCLUDED).

Smart WiFi 6 Solution to Solve Wi-Fi O2 Problems

Differences between both models

These two models are from different generations of Wi-Fi, so there are quite a few differences between them, always in favor of the latest WiFi 6 device. It’s true that WiFi 7 is now official, but it will take us a few more years to see these devices in the mainstream operators.

differences between o2 amplifiers

As we can see in the image above, Wi-Fi 6 offers up to 5 times faster speeds and 30% greater coverage thanks to 12 antennas. It has 2 network ports for connecting more wired equipment, and is also protected by the new WPA3 standard, which has not yet succumbed to any cyber-attack.

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