OCU Scam Alert: Be careful if you have Bluetooth enabled on your mobile phone

Fraud attempts via SMS and emails containing fraudulent links are becoming more common. Most of them are cases phishingand some of them end in the theft of victims’ personal and banking information.

However, those from phishing They are not the only ones to consider. There are others like this rave. A new scam that Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU)just like him Bank of Spain. The attack is quite difficult to detect and is connected to Bluetooth mobile devices.

Using this technique, cybercriminals exploit Bluetooth vulnerabilities to access the victim’s mobile phone and steal their banking and personal details. To do this, Bluetooth must be activated on the device and the cybercriminal must be close to the victim., at a distance of 10 to 15 meters. Typically, authorization is required to establish a Bluetooth connection between devices.

However, both OCU and BdE warn that this circumstance is not always respected, since they can use special programs to connect to our device without the need for prior authorization. Not only smartphones can be affected, but also other computers, TVs, headphones or smart watches. Passwords and banking details may be compromised.

BdE recommendation to avoid fraud

To prevent a situation of this magnitude, the Bank of Spain presents three recommendations. First, leave Bluetooth disabled if you are not going to use it. “This is the safest way to avoid an attack,” the agency says. In this sense, it is especially important to activate the invisible mode.

Secondly, the BdE insists that Don’t allow connection to unknown device. “In no case”. Finally they point to frequent software updates mobile device. “The updates correct existing shortcomings and improve the security of our terminals,” the Bank of Spain said.

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