Olga Tañón confesses that she suffered facial paralysis

While they are doing her makeup and hair, the Puerto Rican singer Olga Tanon This morning he did a live broadcast in which he took the opportunity to clarify why he did not know how to make up his eyebrows, something that people often criticize.

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of “¡Basta ya!” she shared with her followers that at the age of 17 she suffered from a Facial paralysis.

“A whole part of my face was paralyzed. I don’t know how to do it (make up)… There are people who sometimes say; ‘hey, open one eye more than the other’. Look, sometimes I can’t, because I was fine. I have a lot of people I know, not exactly friends, who have had facial paralysis and have been completely affected, and have never closed an eye again. That’s terrible,” said the vocalist known as “The Woman of Fire.”

Following this, he mentioned the treatment that he received to greatly overcome this health issue that affected him when he was a young woman, as well as the effects suffered during that period of time.

“Thanks to the vitamin B12 injections, which were almost 45, one every other day, with therapy, with electrodes that they put on me, like ultrasounds, that gave me a little current, I was able to. But there are people who don’t even notice it, who gave me an easy paralysis, but it was strong. The food and, especially the liquids, I did not know how to drink, because I would drop them. I had no control over the muscles of my eyes or my mouth.”he added.

It is not the first time that the singer has chosen to share details of her physical appearance. Last September it was the interpreter of “La gran fiesta” herself who shared with her followers that she had gone to the operating room to make some arrangements and spoke to them about the process, so after undergoing cosmetic surgery she now looks more rejuvenated.

Through her Instagram account, at that time the singer published the videos with her surgeon, where her face can be seen after six days of postoperative care. Although it was a facial rejuvenation, her face looks relaxed, in addition to being more defined since Olga used to have bulging cheeks.

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