Olive oil is very effective for these 4 reasons

He olive oil This food significant in Mediterranean diet for its nutritional profile and advantages For health. According to scientific research, helps fight diseases and improve people’s quality of life.

Therefore, this type of oil is not only an indispensable assistant in the kitchen due to its properties. richness and tastebut that’s also part natural medicine.

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Extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from olive fruitsolely due to mechanical processes. Is Rich source of polyphenols, antioxidants and healthy fats.

Because of them fatty acid, which provide energy and allow body absorb certain vitamins. One of its features is that the body does not produce them itself, although it needs them. For this reason, olive oil cannot be absent from diet.

It should be noted that nutrients come from olive since the juice retains all the biological properties of the fruit, that is, it contains vitamin A, E, polyphenols and low carbohydrate content. All of these nutrients are beneficial for preventing disease and improving health.

In this sense, Mary Flynnnutrition researcher and founder of the Olive Oil Health Initiative Brown Universityguarantees that Nutritional value extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In addition, its main component is oleic acid, since it has between 55% and 83% fatty acid content, which explains its positive influence when it comes to improvement cholesterol level and help prevent conditions cardiovascular.

Olive oil is therefore ideal for adding flavor to dishes and dishes such as frying (a culinary technique characteristic of the Mediterranean diet), as well as for Improve your quality of life because of its benefits.

Olive oil is very effective for these 4 reasons

We’ll tell you later What are 4 reasons that make it a super power food? what a healthy kitchen cannot miss:

  • Prevents Heart Disease: the study showed that The risk of dying from cardiovascular disease is reduced by eating just one and a half tablespoons extra virgin olive oil daily.

  • Prevents cognitive decline: According to some studies, extra virgin olive oil consumption improves cognitive function and helps slow down Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to the natural protective nature of some of its compounds, which protect the blood vessels of the brain and even eliminate compounds that cause brain aging.
  • Prevents breast cancer: A study found that daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. This This is due to the substances it contains. this ingredient accompanied healthy eating.
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes: olive oil has the ability decrease in blood glucose levels due to reduced damage to insulin-producing pancreatic cells, as found in several clinical studies.

This information is in no way a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis or prescription. It is important to consult a specialist when symptoms appear and never self-medicate.

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