OM: Transfer for 25 million euros? “Maybe I’ll have lunch with Shakira”

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OM: Transfer for 25 million euros? “Maybe I’ll have lunch with Shakira”

Published February 3, 2024 at 04:30

Vitinya should not stay away from OM. I recruited the team in January 2023, the most recent news in the history of the club was its sale on the winter market. Plus, in Marseille, Portugal is very attractive with the possibility of visiting Genoa. There is a possibility of obtaining an order of 25 million euros for Vitinha, but, more noticeably, there is no chance that Celle-ci will be activated.

It’s a huge difference that we live and everything is in our feelings. Despite the fact that the club has become significantly stronger, its advantages have become more effective. Gennaro Gattuso. That’s not all Vitinha. Malgré son statute de recruit la plus chère de l’histoire de l’OMThe Portuguese was ousted by Foxen in January this month, some time after they arrived in Marseilles. And it’s all Genoain series A, which Vitinha the season is coming to an end.

“This meme means that he is waiting for you in a beautiful second.”

Prêté par l’OM, Vitinya for final transfer Genoa. In fact, this option is still to be discussed and the price is set at 25 million euros. Tootfua, pour it 20 minutesan expert on the Italian market assures that Vitinha It will never be sold at this price: ” L’OM cannot plus maintain the level of Vitinha vu son. However, there is a €25 million option that is not yet available. This will be a meme if you wait for that beautiful second. C’est juste pour ne pas perdre la figure qu’ils Mettent Cette option, pour dire “oh, did I ever know a club that met an option for 25 million, and it was not pas fait voler en l’achetant 32 million” . Alors que c’était ridiculed d’acheter ce joueur à ce montant. There’s a chance I’ll have lunch with Shakira if Genoa keeps his choice

” Later “

Vitinha reviendra-t-il à l’OM ? Portuguese l’a sous-entendu au moment de faire ses dieux avec the club phocéen, lâchant a « late ” : ” Aujourd’hui marks a new chapter in my life. I was with my student, experiences and souvenirs from my past Marseille. Je suis reconnaissant du soutien reçu par le club and les support. Mercy Marcel, later! Alle l’OM

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