Omar Vizquel breaks silence on accusation: ‘It really hurt’

Omar Vizquel He is one of the most important players to be exported. Venezuela To Major League Baseball. Over his extensive career Major Leagueadded numerous recognitions and awards, mainly for his defensive work.

It was a 24-year career in Major League Baseball which began with his debut in 1989 with Seattle Sailors until his retirement in 2012 Toronto Blue Jays. However, the golden era of his career passed in the form Cleveland IndiansWell he went there three times All Stars and won eight of 11 awards Golden Glove.

Reasons that did Omar Vizquel he has no place in Cooperstown, often involving situations unrelated to what he did on the playing fields.

In August 2021, he was reported by the flying boy from the AA branch. Chicago White Soxwhich Vizquel I was in charge. The young man, who was diagnosed with autism, reported abuse from his manager two years ago in 2019.

The accusation was “illegal and aggressive behavior”. Following this, Omar Vizquel He was suspended without pay by the White Sox organization and left when the season ended. Shortly thereafter, in June 2022, both parties reached a confidential agreement.

Omar Vizquel: “My conscience is clear”

“I’m glad to perform again. I wouldn’t have been able to do this sooner because a lot of what was said wasn’t that accurate. My conscience is clear and I know I can look anyone in the eye and say, “Do you really think this is true?” commented Vizquel.

“I think now is the best time to talk because everyone has their own version. But no one heard my side of the story or what really happened. “It really hurt because I’m not the person they were talking about.”he added.

The former player described the incident as “big misunderstanding” and stated: “I am a faithful believer in God and God has spoken. “Justice has been spoken and they have nothing more to accuse me of.”.

As for his chances of getting into Hall of Fame, Vizquel He said USA today next: “Baseball is my passion. Of course I would like to go there. But the most important thing for me is to get back to baseball. Help others achieve their dreams.

Vizquel received 12.6% of the votes in favor Hall of Fame awarded by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

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