Once Upon a Time Super Eleven

Every Monday a new one is celebrated ONE draw. Better to say: three draws. Each event has three different winning combinations. Each at different times: at 10:00, at 12:00 and at 21:00. However, the results of this April 22, 2024 They can be checked from the celebration of the first, but yesterday’s winning numbers are already available:

  • First Super Eleven draw (10:00): 01 05 06 07 12 14 20 21 28 45 52 53 54 58 62 63 71 79 80 84
  • Second Super Eleven draw (12:00): Awaiting confirmation
  • Third Super Eleven draw (21:00): Awaiting confirmation

Super Once like Triplex, The drawing is held three times a day. from Monday to Sunday. To take part in this ONCE game you need to do minimum participation 1 euro. The prize that can be accessed is up to one million euros for every euro wagered. The instructions to keep in mind when playing Super Eleven are very simple: you need to select between five and eleven figures from the 85 available.

Super Eleven Monday Rewards

Each Super Eleven draw, which is three times a day, draws a total of 20 balls out of the 85 available, which is winning combination of 20 numbers. The prize for each game really depends on the numbers chosen, the amount of euros played and the number of correct answers received. In any case there is maximum limit on prizes by combination:

  • 11 correct answers: million euros
  • 10 correct answers: 50,000 euros.
  • 9 views: 1000 euros
  • 8 views: 100 euros
  • 7 views: 20 euros
  • 6 views: 5 euros
  • 5 views: 2 euros
  • 4 hits: 1 euro


*PLEASE NOTE: LaSexta.com is not responsible for errors or omissions. The only valid official lists of the results of the various draws are those published by the National Organization of Spanish Blinds (ONCE) and the State Lotteries and Betting (SELAE).

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