One of the most successful survival and science fiction games confirms its sequel. Subnautica 2 with multiplayer and “game as a service” will be released earlier than expected – Subnautica

While there has been a lot of talk about this second installment, Crafton calls it a priority for a 2024 release.

The last decade has seen an important batch of independent and low-resource games come out that surprised everyone and everyone with outsized success, and Subnautica was one of them. Now, 10 years after the launch of the original game, the good news has finally been confirmed, even twice: Subnautica 2 is official And will arrive earlier whom we presented.

Perhaps many of you, like me, have avoided Subnautica out of fear of the vastness of the ocean. However, I can assure you that once I tried it, I realized that Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s achievements were impressive. As expected, after acquiring the Krafton studio in 2021, the South Koreans were not going to miss the opportunity aim for the stars With continuation.

Subnautica 2 is a “priority” for learning

Now with a bigger budget, previous experience and engine Unreal engine 5capable of creating creatures twice as terrifying, Crafton’s financial report confirms the obvious: Subnautica 2 This is a priority. Moreover, despite rumors of a 2025 release, the report suggests that the game will be released. sometime in 2024.

This means we will be able to explore the oceans new planet (we released 4546B) before the end of the year. Additionally, unlike Subnautica and its expansion Below Zero, which are single-player, Subnautica 2 will be a single-player game. multiplayer co-op With up to four playerswithout losing sight of the possibility of single player play.

Besides, bittersweet news The concept of something game as a service. The previous two titles were released in Early Access, giving them a dedicated player base to offer Feedback constant. In this case, while there is no mention that Unknown Worlds Entertainment is going to repeat its move, we do know that they will be betting, as stated in the report, on a “games as a service” model aimed at replayability.

Full details of how this GaaS format will be implemented in the open-world survival game have yet to be revealed, but simply confirming that Subnautica 2 exists and will be released this year is enough to keep the hype going. It should be noted that the game will be launched simultaneously V PC, PS5 And Xbox Series X|S on the day of its release.

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