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Next season’s Champions League will be expanded in terms of the number of matches and teams, with two new spots going to the leagues with the best UEFA ranking in the previous campaign. That is, the results of the league’s teams in European competitions will be decisive for the same league to gain an advantage in the new Champions League.

The first match of the 1/8 finals of this season showed a dangerous scenario for the Spanish league. Only Madrid, of its four representatives, was able to win (0:1 against Leipzig); In Naples, Barça did not go beyond a draw (1-1); For their part, Atlético and Real Sociedad lost (1:0 against Inter and 2:0 against PSG).

Therefore, the future is very delicate. Currently, Italy is the champion with the most points (15,142), while Germany is second (14,071). If they were to complete the race today, they would be the ones who would secure an additional fifth place in the next Champions League. England is in third place with 13,875, and Spain does not appear until fourth place with 13,062.

The league must try to get as many teams into the quarter-finals of the Champions League as possible, so the second legs will be important. Villarreal are also still alive in the Europa League and Betis in the Conference, although these are competitions that yield far fewer points. The main thing is to continue to advance in the Champions League. And this is where Spain has been hitting the mark lately…

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